Outrageous real estate – Underwater living at its finest!

Here’s another addition of our Outrageous real estate series.  This one is pretty cool (you should check out these places!).

Some people say that underwater living is the ‘wave’ of the future, especially with global warming melting the icecaps and less buildable land available every day. 

I stumbled upon these two high dollar underwater developments already in the works.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts -Poseidon Undersea resort

This resort is a $200 million + one of a kind luxury resort located off the coast of Fiji.  There are 3 types of rooms at the resort ranging from underwater suites to abovewater villas. 

The underwater suites aren’t large by any means (550 sq. ft), but they have some of the best views on the planet. 


Located on one of the most brilliant coral reefs on the planet!

Cost: $15k per person for a 6 night stay (2 nights in an underwater suite).  It sounds like a lot but it includes a ton of stuff… like… flight to and from the resort on the company plane, all meals, wine tasting, guided dive trips, activities such as golf, tennis, etc., and more. 

The resort doesn’t open until 2008, but you can get your reservations now.  Just pony up the $15k per person and you can be one of the first!  Check out their website.

Hydropolis - hydropolis in Dubai

This resort is a bit more outrageous than Poseidon.  It is billed as the worlds largest underwater hotel and boasts nightly room rates of $1,500 a night!

The Hydropolis resorts are actually planned to be in 7 locations around the world including New York, Dubai, and London.  The Dubai location is the one on the slate now and is planned on being under 60 feet of water.  This place will be “terrorist proof” and contain a missile defense system to protect the visitors. 

The Dubai resort will run the Dubai developers more than $500 million to construct the 220 room underwater hotel. 


The underwater shopping mall and 3 bars.


$1,500 a night

Check out the Hydropolis website.

I don’t know about you, but these developments look like they’re straight out of the science fiction movies.  Will they be a hit??? Who knows.  But there is one thing for sure… people who say they can’t find good real estate should think twice… because these two developments prove that the ocean is more than just a place to build your house or condo BY… it’s a place to build your house or condo IN.

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