Just a bit of “pre-launch” info – Top 9 Ways to Sell Real Estate

I just wanted to write this quick little note here to let you know about an awesome resource Top 9 ways to sell real estate or a businesswe are getting ready to roll out to the public.

As you might know, I am the vice president of a national company called Settlement Professionals Inc. The division I head up helps sellers of appreciated real estate and businesses defer and avoid capital gain and estate taxes.

Well… we have a national network of financial planners and other affiliates who we worked with to create this in-depth manual on the “Top 9 Ways to Sell”. Now, this manual doesn’t give you strategies on how to list your property and the actual sales process…

… it focuses on how to plan the sale and what to do with the funds to minimize capital gains taxes, income taxes, estate taxes, and to keep more money in your pocket.

From our experience, we’ve found that about 95% of the sellers we talk to think that their only options are the cash sale, 1031, 1031 TIC, and installment sale. There are a bunch more extremely effective real estate and business sale strategies that most people don’t know about… yet are often the most powerful.

Anyhow, this comprehensive manual is currently in ebook format and will be launched within the next couple weeks. It has been updated for the 2007 tax year and contains info that you guaranteed WILL NOT in find anywhere else.

In fact, one of the strategies in the manual is currently helping two of my clients (the sales will close at the end of this month) defer about $200,000 in capital gains taxes (and its not an installment sale… 1031… or anything like that)

Well, the manual is very reasonably priced, has the top 9 strategies, a bunch of tax loopholes, tax concepts, case studies, and a bunch more. It will also include some cool audio and other bonuses.

The price is a whole lot less than even $67… and we guarantee that you will save at least 50 times what you pay for it or 100% your money back no questions asked…

… lol, I kind of got off on a rant for a bit. When you put so much time into creating something it gets hard to stop talking about it.

I’ll let you know when it nears launch. We’re giving a few extra extra bonuses for the first 50 people who buy the book… and we’re launching the book to a database of about 5,000… so if you want a copy… shoot me an email at trevor[at]thereibrain[dot]com and I’ll reserve a copy for you in the first 50 spots.

Well, I’ve got to go. Getting ready to head off to work. I’ll talk to you soon!

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3 Responses to “Just a bit of “pre-launch” info – Top 9 Ways to Sell Real Estate”

  1. How did you make the cover for the book? it looks great?

  2. Just used adobe photoshop. Worked it up in a few hours a couple weeks back…

    … not too bad for the first time trying to make a cover.


  3. I have never been able to figure that program out. Lol
    It looks good though. Much success on the book my friend

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