Real estate investing marketing tips – easiest way to market your REI biz

The biggest problem over and above the “mind game” that real estate investors face is getting enough quality leads.

Now, let’s get down to some of the basics of marketing and get your first bit of effective marketing out there to the public generating qualified leads. 

Probably the first bit of marketing you should employ is creating and distributing…


First of all… the business cards I’m talking about aren’t the normal business cards that you are used to. 

Your real estate investing business cards should do a bit more than your average business card.  You want your business card to actively motivate people to act on whatever you want them to act on. 

Before we go over what your business cards SHOULD do… let’s go over what they SHOULD NOT do.

What you don’t want your business card to do:

  • Be a basic name and contact info worthless piece of paper
  • Look all fancy with that expensive paper, ink, etc.  Fancy doesn’t always sell
  • Be like everyone elses out there
  • Just put your name out there… without a specific action that you want people to take.

There are a lot more things that your business cards SHOULD NOT do… but we’ll stop there for now. 

Before we go any further let me get this little gem of information out for you.

In your real estate investing business, it may be a good idea to have at least two forms of your business card:

  1. Card #1: This card is your MARKETING CARD… the card that you hand out to gather leads, get referrals, let people know what you do, grab peoples attention, garner a call to action, and bring in qualified leads… all the while motivating the person holding the card to do what you want them to do.
  2. Card #2: This card is your CREDIBILITY CARD… the card that you give to potential sellers when you meet with them, to business partners, professional relationships, private lenders, banks, the media, and others that you want to portray a professional image to.

Now, these two cards serve completely different purposes and are most effectively used for ONLY that purpose.

Let’s go over each card:


Your marketing business card for your real estate investing business is your eyes and ears out on the streets. 

These cards should get and keep the attention of the person holding the card and push them to act as you want them to.

For instance, you hand out a card that says “I buy income properties – Call XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit to download this FREE report on???”.

I just typed that little blub up in about 10 seconds… so I haven’t yet tested to see if it works… so use that message at your own risk.

That message would probably be on the front side of this MARKETING BUSINESS CARD and is speaking to the sellers of income properties.  It has a clear call to action to call a specific phone number or visit a specific website to download a specific report that may be of interest to the seller.  Now, a report may not be the best call to action in this circumstance… but you get the point.

Now… although you have put the front of this card to good use… you are really only using 50% of your business card… THERE’S STILL A WHOLE BACK HALF TO PUT SOMETHING ELSE ON!

Whenever you make a marketing business card you want to utilize as much space on the card as possible (meaning the front and back). 

The front may have a call to action for a seller… and you could place a call to action to someone else on the back. 

For instance, lets say you have the call to action to the seller on the front of the card… but put a call to action for referrals on the back of the card. 

On the back you can write, “Want to earn the quickest $500 you’ve ever earned? Give this card to someone who needs to sell their income property… etc.”  So, now you have a call to action for the seller… and a call to action for EVERYONE ELSE ALIVE!

Now this card is worth more than just a piece of paper to the holder… it’s potentially worth $500.   Placing worth on the card like this makes it a lot more likely that people won’t throw the card away.  They will hold onto the card just in case they find someone who is selling their property. 

Those are some very basic elements to a MARKETING card.  In the future we’ll go over more in-depth copy that you can place on the cards.

There are many very creative variations of marketing real estate investing business cards that you can use, including tent cards, big yellow cards, magnets, keys, … and on and on.


This one’s not too hard to figure out.  You want this business card to give your company a professional image to your potential client, partner, colleague, etc.

Afterall, you are running a real business… so why shouldn’t you have a real business card?

Here’s a few things not to do with your professional business cards:

  • Don’t print off your own business cards… especially on flimsy business card paper with perforated edges (very unprofessional!)
  • Don’t put a ton of bold and wild colors on the card
  • Don’t crowd your business card with a ton of words and pictures
  • Don’t use a generic Microsoft Word business card template (looks hokey)

Basically, look at your card and ask: “Would I be proud to put my card next to any other companies business card around and feel that my company still looks professional?”  If you truly think that your card will look good next to another company’s business card… it’s probably a good choice. 

A PROFESSIONAL real estate investing business card should be somewhat simple, state your companies tagline/purpose/passion, contact info, and a nice logo. 

That’s it. 

Really, business cards are pretty darn cheap considering how many you get.  You can get hundreds… or even a thousand+ cards for less than a hundred bucks.  

We are always on the lookout to help you cut costs and more effectively grow your real estate investing business.  The other day I stumbled upon this excellent offer from Vista Print that offers you Get 250 premium quality, color business cards FREE! Click here for more information on this promotion.
I was skeptical at first… but you really do get 250 business cards for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

No, these cards aren’t your highest quality thick stock card… but they are pretty darn worth it for FREE.  You could even order these cards and just pass them out to everyone possible over a few day period.  Lets say you get one deal out of those cards… thats a pretty darn good return… huh? 

Anyhow, here’s a quick sample of what these look like.

So, go grab your 250 free business cards while the promotion is still going. 

Don’t say I never gave you anything (you better not! I’m always giving you a bunch of great stuff!)

Click here for more information on this promotion.

Well… that’s it for now for the basics of your real estate investing business cards as one of your first lines of marketing.

If you already have business cards… are the making the card holder do what you want them to do?

If you don’t have any business cards… go grab some of the free business cards to start out… then get yourself some marketing cards and professional cards. 

Check back because we’ll go over different types of business cards that you can use in real estate investing and which ones tend to be more effective.

Good luck in your investing and get your name out to EVERYONE WITH BUSINESS CARDS!


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