Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle… WOW!

This morning I was reading my fellow real estate investing bloggers latest post (thanks jp at flipping homes) and came across an amazingly inspirational video.

I know from time to time (actually today I felt this feeling a bit…) I get a bit discouraged and feel like it’s just easier to go half ass at whatever I’m doing.  I mean… sometimes it seems the easy way out is to not really try your hardest… rather than give 100%. 

Makes no sense… but it’s a fact of life for most people. 

Anyhow, jp posted this video from the movie “Facing the Giants” that really shows the might of the human spirit… when you can find the strength to bust through the roadblocks that your mind places in front of you.

I could go on and on about this video… but you really just need to watch it yourself.  You’ll have a new inspiration for the rest of this week (hopefully longer) to get you through the challenges you are facing right now…


So, what does the video mean to you?  What significance do you see in it as it relates to your journey in real estate investing?

Post your comments below…

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4 Responses to “Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle… WOW!”

  1. Very inspirational. How does a man with a wife, 4 kids and a job that takes more than half is waking hours get to the end zone of RE success?

  2. Hey Chris, Ya… the video shows you how powerful the mind is in determining what you can and “can’t” acheive.

    I don’t mean to be harsh… but your first step to getting into the end zone of RE success is to look at reasons why you CAN reach success… not reasons why you CAN’T. When you look at your statement closely… you can see that the entire 2nd sentence is full of reasons why you “can’t” reach success.

    When you look at things that way… you self-sabotage yourself without even knowing it.

    The first thing you need to do is sit down and write 25 reasons why you CAN and WILL reach real estate success.

    Anyone can be a success in RE… but only about 3-5% who try it believe in themselves enough to follow it through past the 50 yard line when it starts to get tough… through the 35 when things are starting to hurt… on to the 25 when it seems like you’ll never get there but you can see the promiseland… past the 15 when you are struggling more than ever but are on the verge of huge success… and over the 1 and into the end zone when you hit it big.

    Most people will stop at the 40 and say it is impossible because they see all of the reasons why can “CAN’T” be a success.

    It’s not because they don’t know enough… aren’t smart enough… don’t have enough time… don’t have enough money…

    … it’s because they give up on themselves before they hit their goals.

    Chris, I can tell you for sure that your situation is not a disadvantage.

    I started in REI when I was in college… involved in a ton of school activities, taking 18+ credits every term to finish 2 bachelors degrees in 4 years, playing varsity baseball (practice every morning at 6am and every afternoon at 3-6pm), had no money, barely had any credit, had a girlfriend (who is now my wife)…

    … but I did have a desire to be a success and it never crossed my mind why I wouldn’t be a success.

    It’s not your circumstances that dictates your success… it’s how you look at your circumstances that really matters.

    Hey man… here it goes.

    1. Conquer your mindset first. Create a life plan and let that guide your actions for the future… and nothing else. (I can help you with this)

    2. Get educated on real estate investing not just from a technique standpoint… but from a business standpoint and and a lifestyle standpoint (I can help you with this)

    3. Once you determine the right avenue for you in REI, build your business foundation, start marketing and networking, and find a local mentor you can work with. (I can help you with this)

    4. Push forward with your plan and always remember that real estate investing is a BUSINESS. Businesses hinge mainly on one thing… MARKETING. If you create enough qualified prospects… you are virtually guaranteed to succeed. Concentrate on your marketing and finding deals… the rest will fall into place.

    Wow… long response. Sorry for the long windedness man.

    Hey, I’d love to help you through this process and get you on the right track. More than anything… you NEED to begin with getting your mindset right and write your life plan.

    Shoot me an email through our contact page and I’d love to chat w/ you.

    And… no… I’m not asking for a dime… I just want to see if I can lend you a helping hand and get you the right start that you need.


    - Trevor
    The REI Brain

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