Landlord Max Property Rental Management Software Review

Hey, I hope 2008 is going great so far! This year should be a great year to buy up a bunch of property below market value. That’s my goal this year!


Last week we reviewed Quicken Rental Property Management 2.5 (we have a new Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 review up now) software for a couple readers who emailed me asking about our thoughts on rental property management softwares. Check our our review of Quicken through that link above (and a $30 coupon for Quicken Rental Property Management 2009 if you like it)

In my opinion, Quicken Rental Property Management 2009 is excellent for people with less than 20 units. It just doesn’t have enough features for me… for more than 20 units.


This week, I thought I should review a couple rental property management software packages that are more robust and better for those real estate investors or property managers who want to manage more than 20 units.

So, here we go…

Landlord Max Property Rental Management Software – Is it any good??

LandlordMax is a property Landlord Max rental property manager rental management software that is up a level from Quicken . Not that Quicken isn’t a great product… it is… but LandlordMax has more features and is overall a more functional and robust system for people that want more than the basic features Quicken offers .

The price point of Landlord Max is $147 . Compared to Quicken this is about $60 more… but as you’ll find in the video below… it may be well worth it (I’m actually switching over to LandlordMax).

Also, we’ve decided to throw in our package of landlord forms (value of about $97) for you if you like LandlordMax and buy it through the links on this page. (just email me your receipt and I’ll send you a zip folder packed w/ great landlording forms I use )

I recorded a screen cast of me going through LandlordMax and showing you ALL of the pros and cons of the software. Take a look at it below… there’s some great features in this property management software.

(video is just about 20 minutes…. I go in huge detail on the software and what it does)

Click the play button to start video

*If you’re having trouble viewing the video above, follow the link below to watch it directly at the video hosting site:

Click Here To View Video If You Can’t View It Above <<

Here’s the link to get the Free 30 Day Trial <==


“Cliff Notes” Version of My Review on LandlordMax:

Okay, overall I was very impressed with Landlord Max and the product they’ve put together. By looking at their website they have won a bunch of awards apparently for this software… and I can see why.

Landlord Max is a pretty easy to use software, has a ton of advanced features, can easily manage multiple properties and pretty much as many units as you want, has a ton of great reports… and is priced very reasonably (just $147) for a property rental management software of this caliber.

The Pros:

  • A ton of features … you can track very detailed information about everything from tenants, properties, landlords, vendors, units, financials, etc. I can’t think of much more that I would want to track (although I’m sure there is something else this could track… I just can’t think of it). Extra add-on’s it has is a “to do” list area, amortization analyzer, receipts area, invoices, and a bit more.
  • Pretty darn easy to use . It’s very easy to use… not as easy as Quicken… but anyone who can sign into an email account can use this software.
  • Store images . I love it how you can store images in tenant files, for properties, etc. This is one feature I hated about Quicken. I like to scan the drivers licenses, applications, etc. of my tenants… and you can keep property related pictures in there too.
  • A ton of valuable reports . I didn’t count the number of reports that LandlordMax has… but it had every report I want for my business. You can do the basic financial reports that Quicken does… but you can also get specific tenant, unit, landlord, property, vendor, etc. reports so you can do better business analysis. In addition, the reports are automatically formatted in an attractive print ready format.
  • You can track late rents with easy color coded entries (see video of how this works at the Landlord Max site on their homepage )
  • Color coded accounting entries for quick reference
  • 30 Day money back guarantee – even after the 30 day trial… if you buy it and decide you don’t like it… you can get a refund.
  • 30 Day Free Trial

What I Didn’t Like About Landlord Max…

  • Doesn’t have a “home base” page where you can see a snapshot of the properties performance. As you saw in the Quicken video , Quicken has a nifty page they call the “Rent Center” where you see a snapshot of the financials for all of your properties. Landlord Max lacks that… but it isn’t a huge deal.
  • This is picky… but it would be cool to have automatic “move out” reports (I mentioned this for Quicken as well)… but this feature is usually only seen in higher priced software programs ($500 and up)… so it’s not a big deal.
  • Doesn’t have integration of your bank accounts or a built in check register like Tenant File does.

Really… I have a tough time finding a ton of things I don’t like about the software . Maybe after I use it everyday for a couple months I may come up with a few features that bug me… or that I would like to see… but after going through it really in-depth today… I am extremely pleased with LandlordMax .

My Overall Impression of LandlordMax Property Rental Management Software??

I’m actually pretty impressed with LandlordMax. Going into it for some reason I didn’t have big expectations. But, once I got the free 30 day trial… dug into it… and saw what it can do… I can’t think of a whole lot bad to say about it.

For me, this software is a good hybrid between a commercial rental property management software (ones for $500+ for property management companies) and Quicken (which is an excellent and simple software for people with less than 20 units).

You get the lower price of a consumer property management software… with most of the advanced features of a $500+ commercial property management software.

I think this software is great for people with 10 to 100+ units . It can easily handle multiple properties and multiple landlords (or owners), provide advanced reporting, and make it easy to track detailed information on all aspects of the investment.

How Do I Grade It? (out of 5)

Design: quicken rental property manager 4
Affordability: 4
Features: 5
Ease of Use : 4
Overall (10-100+ units): (and a half) 4.5

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a property rental management software to manage your portfolio of real estate between 10 and 100+ units… I really like this software to do that. I am actually going to be switching over to LandlordMax to manage my properties sometime this month.

So, that’s it for our second review of rental property management software . Our first review was for:

Or, check out this newer review of a great software package that actually earned our highest rating to date (as of June 2008)

If you are interested in taking LandlordMax up on their Free 30 Day Trial, click the link below and download the Free Trial (fully functional software).

Or, if you are ready to buy LandlordMax, click the link below. Remember, when you buy through our links, send me your receipt and I’ll send you our entire package of landlord / property management forms and documents for your business (worth $97). These forms aren’t on our site… this is the only you can get them.

(I’ll be reviewing another property management software package or two over the next few weeks. Keep tuned… and subscribe to our RSS Feed .)

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25 Responses to “Landlord Max Property Rental Management Software Review”

  1. Wow, great summary…Well I’ve used quicken and used to use yardi but then just formed my own proprietary over the years and works for me….But absolutely love the site tons of information and great articles, keep up the good work, thanks from

  2. <p>Thank you for the excellent article. I have downloaded the trial version of LandlordMax for evaluation and for possible recommendation to an investor who I am helping. If he orders a license, we will do that through the link that you provide on your web site.</p>

    Have you taken a look at

  3. Hey Mel,

    Thanks for the compliments! No, I haven’t seen the Real Tools software. I just took a look at their site and shot an email to the owner to ask if I can do a review of their product.

    I’ll let you know if/when they allow me to have access to their software to do a review. You might want to go sign up for our newsletter at the top of this page… we always notify our readers when we post new reviews, articles, etc.

    Thanks for reading and I’ll see what I can do about the review.



  4. After watching video reviews, I purchased the Quicken software (manage fewer than 20 properties). Then I realized I have a Mac, so it won’t work with my computer.

    Any suggestions for good software for a Mac??

    (Also, I didn’t get the $10 discount though I purchased/downloaded it through your website. But unfortunately, I’ll have to return it now anyway.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hey Rochelle,

    Thanks for the comments!

    Ya… Quicken is a great choice for less than 20 units… but they don’t support Mac right now which is a real bummer.

    In fact… I’m searching right now for good property management softwares that do support Macs.

    Hmm… not sure why you didn’t get the $10 discount for Quicken Rental property manager… did you use the links on the Quicken review page?

    Or… this link:

    … takes you right to the page w/ the discount built into the price and shows you the original price at $99… and the discounted price at $89. If you did use that link and it didn’t work still (it should have… but please let me know because I need to contact Quicken to find out why if not)… please let me know.

    I’ll keep my eye out for a good Mac software and I’ll do a review once I find several that are worth your (and my) time.

    Thanks again!


    - Trevor

  6. Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for the great videos. I also need a good software for managing rental property for use on a MAC – any reviews yet?



  7. I am not associated with Steve Berges or the company below

    Do you know anything about Steve Berges Real Estate Software at:

    Some of the software he has is:

    Income Analyzer
    Rehab Analyzer
    Rental House Analyzer
    Refi Analyzer
    Value Play RE Calculator

    Thank You,

  8. Based on your reviews of property management software, I purchased the Landlord Max software, and so far it seems pretty good and very user friendly. The link on your site brought me directly to the Landlord Max site for ordering. However, your site mentions if this product is purchased through your link, then you will send a package of landlord / property management forms and documents. My receipt does not reference your site. Would I still be able to get these forms?


  9. I’m using the Landlord Max 30 day trial now, if I order I will be sure to do that through your site. I have recently taken over the property management for my company and we do not have a management software. Do you know anything about the software that comes free with the LPA membership. Their website is They have some really good forms and letters. Please let me know between the two which one you recommend.


  10. Hey, thanks for the comment.

    Truthfully… I don’t know about the LPA software… I’ve seen screenshots of it and from what I can tell it’ll do the basic features… I don’t think it has the more advanced reporting and features I’d need… but if you already have an LPA membership you might as well try it out!

    Personally… I may be a bit biased but I like LandlordMax better… that’s the one I personally use for my business… and I don’t want to be tied to the LPA just to have their software.

    Again, I have to say I haven’t used the LPA software… so I can’t give specifics… but I do know that I like LandlordMax a lot and they have a great customer service and development team.

    – Trevor

  11. Can you review rent right software( and rentmatic software( and let me know what you think.

  12. Thank you for the reviews.

    Does Landloard Max print checks? I couldent tell by the review.

    I am down loading the 30 day trial to check it out now so I will probably be able to answer my own questions soon.

    We have streatched Quicken to the limit. We have been managing properties for several small investors and our own for about 15 years on a very small scale and are thinking about focusing on Property Management rather than sales.

    I have taken a look at Quicken Property Managemnet 2010 and it is very weak. My first gripe is the fact that they provide a field to identify the property but aparently you can not sort your reports by that field. We designate each property by a Job number and all of our Quicken reports are sorted with that field. It looks like QPM sorts by address.

    We have long ago abandoned using a dedicated data base to track Owners, Tenants and Subs. We have relied upon our Palm. The most frustrating part of what we do is enter the same data twice. First in to the Palm, which is a no brainer from the time a prospective tenant calls on an ad to tenant to old tenant. The frustrating part is again entering the same info into Quicken.

    Before Quicken was introduced I kept track of my own rentals with one of the first data bases available on an Apple II. I tweaked it enough to keep track of my rents and expenditures but did not know how to make it write checks. I outlied the setup for a check writing database and called a small startup company in Bellevue to see if they would be interested in developing it. They told me that they only developed software that everyone would need. That company was Microsoft and a year later Quicken came out and my notes were filed away. I bought Quicken. It took a few years but Microsoft finaly decided to bring out Money, which I tried but never used.

    NOW If only there was a Palm application that syncronized the Palm fields with a check writing data base.

    The key ingredient of my check writing data base was the very first entry. JOB# Quicken has never understood how important the Job # is. They finaly added it to the end of the category field and called it Class. It it has worked for us for years but the reporting is very limited and we have to be very creative to make the reports that are available look right.

    What I have described is the backbone of a killer application. It would have to be designed so reports could use spreadsheet functions and be possible to merge info into Word.

    The main thing as I am sure that you feel the same is to reduce the amound of data entry and control the reports that can be generated. We have never managed more that 60 units at a time but if we did it would be imperative that we had available an efficient data entry system linked to a functional check writing data base.

    Thanks for listening

    Arni Fredrickson
    Juanita Realty Inc.
    206 999-2269

  13. Hello, I know this is an old site. But, I would rather buy the older version 2.5 than the new version 6.05b detailed 145 pages of new stuff.
    My question ‘where’ can I buy the old Landlord Max 2.5.

    Thanks, John

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