*UPDATED* Tenant File 8.0 Property Management Software Review – In Depth Video Review


TENANT FILE has recently released an updated version of their software. I plan to update this review completely to show any changes, but for now, I want you to be aware there will be a few changes (good changes – but changes nonetheless). One of the biggest changes is that all products are now distributed by DOWNLOAD ONLY. After Tenant File receives the order from us, you will receive a download link within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). NO REFUNDS.

The video still mentions $10 for shipping, but since it’s download only now – just ignore that ;-)


Since we posted the review we were able to get you free shipping on Tenant File 7.0 products!  That saves you a quick $10 bucks.   The discounted price is still $249 for the Tenant File software … but we’ve been able to get you FREE Shipping on it too!  So, the video still says shipping is $10… but shipping is now FREE! (anywhere in the U.S.).

Scroll down to watch the video review and to find the discounted purchase button that includes Free Shipping.

Okay…Tenant file

After getting hounded by a bunch of readers (I like being hounded though… it just helps me see what people are looking for! ) over the past month and a half about reviewing the Tenant File 7.0 software program for rental property management… I’ve finally had a chance to connect with the developers of the software… dig into it… and pass along my video review and opinion.

I want to thank Gary, Rachel, Mark, and many others who emailed me asking about Tenant File and recommending that I review it.

And… I’m glad I did… because it’s one rocking software that has a ton of features that other property management software programs of this level lack… and is priced pretty attractively (especially with the introductory price I was able to negotiate with the software developer that I can assure you… will only be available for a short time).

Anyhow, here it is…

Tenant File is a mid range priced property management software program ($20 off discount using the links below) aimed at between 20 and 100 units , that has a ton of the features of $500+ programs that cater toward property managers… but is also simple and straight forward enough for the property owner who is managing just 20 units.

Well… as always I’ve recorded a video of me going through the Tenant File software program from start to finish… giving you an in-depth look at the software program from a guy who has used dozens of them over the past 4 years. Also as usual… I went so in-depth in this video that it ended up being about 30 minutes long (but is full of detail and walk throughs). I’ve condensed my review into words below the video so feel free to check out the video and/or the written review… but I DO highly recommend seeing Tenant File in action to get the best picture of whether this program is for you or not.


Tenant File Property Management Software Review (new release!)

- click the play button to start video


**If you’re having trouble viewing the video above, follow the link below to watch it directly at the video hosting site:

Click Here To View Video If You Can’t View It Above <<

Scroll down to get the link for the intro discount (and FREE Shipping! ) / coupon on the software


“Cliff Notes” Version of my Review:

Okay… the nitty gritty. Overall I really thought the Tenant File property management software program is a great piece of software and is WELL worth checking into before you make your final decision.

Tenant File has a clean and easy design and structure… has a ton of basic and advanced features not offered by other mid-range property management softwares… has free support (unlike most others)… and its price is pretty good for the features that you get with the software. Priced at $269.95 with the introductory rate we negotiated with the software developer (it’s on sale for $250 over at their site… so $269.95  is a rocking deal if this property management software is the right one for you). And, I’ll throw in my rental property management document package worth $67 as a bonus as well.

The Pros:

  • Very easy to learn … simple, clean design. I really like the big buttons on the main page that immediately take you right to each vital area of the software… makes entries quick and easy.
  • Tenant File offers free support by phone (for 60 days) and by email (for life), which most other property management software developers charge you big bucks for. Great addition by the Tenant File guys… way to step up!
  • Integrates easily with Quicken and Quickbooks
  • Has a built in check register and bank account tracking so you can truly manage ALL of the finances for the rental properties right there in Tenant File (very great feature!)
  • You can automatically “pay” the management fee when you collect rent… and you can customize the management fee by unit, owner, building, etc… no need to make a separate entry every time… set it up once and it’s automatically taken care of forever
  • Print checks from right there in Tenant File
  • You can quickly generate over 80 reports and can break them down by owner, property, vendor, checks/deposits, unit, tenant, account, etc. Pretty much any report you will need is here.
  • You can keep very detailed information about tenants, units, buildings, owners, etc… and attach files such as pictures, contracts, notes, or other files to each record… and you can customize the type of information you want to keep for units… which is very very nice.
  • It has a “charge / pay” type of book keeping system (standard general ledger type) where you can automatically “charge” the rent on the start of the rental period… and “pay” when you receive rent. This makes it easy to track who has not paid rent… and makes for a very clean book at the end of the month
  • Really caters to property managers as well and makes it easy to track and charge management fees (you can customize fees any way you want), pay building owners, etc. Takes most of the thinking out of the process for you
  • Has a built in email feature that lets you email contacts (owners, vendors, tenants, etc.) from right there in Tenant File. Great for sending receipts to tenants, statements to owners, etc.
  • Nice robust reminder and notes systems that make it easy to set up reminders for certain actions… and take notes to be stored for any contact in the database
  • Just a couple clicks to post rents … which is much easier than most property management software programs out there
  • You can do two click rent increases across the board or you can customize the rent increase by building, owner, unit, tenant, etc. VERY GOOD FEATURE. Also, charging late fees is just as easy.
  • Has a Free Trial that lets you use the fully functional software for 10 uses (more than enough to learn the program) so you can use the software before you buy. I’d suggest you download it and try it out… but be sure to come back to this web page to buy the program for the $20 $30 discounted price .
  • and a bunch more I just don’t have the room to write about…

What I Didn’t Like About It (as always, I’m a pretty picky guy when it comes to this):

  • This is very picky… but the design is somewhat dated and doesn’t look as “pretty” as programs like Quicken Rental Property Manager . But, truly… this also makes Tenant File easier to use and the features outweigh this easily
  • Doesn’t include an internal word processor out of the box that lets you print and automatically populate documents like contracts, forms, etc. from right there in the program. The only software I’ve reviewed so far that does include this is Real Tools . You CAN get this for Tenant File with the optional upgrade which is great… but it doesn’t come with the software automatically
  • Doesn’t have a “current status” or “snapshot” area on the main screen that lets you have a quick look at the overall operation including the months financials and notifications. Quicken Rental Property 2009 has a great “snapshot” screen that lets you see the current financials of the property… and Real Tools has an awesome “notification” type screen that shows you late rent notifications and others… but Tenant File is a far superior program to both of those.
  • Doesn’t have a downloadable version that you can just download right on the internet. This can be a plus and a minus… depends on your preferences. For me, I like to download my software on the internet… but on the other hand, it is really nice to have a hard copy of the software sent to your door.

My Overall Impression of Tenant File Property Management Software??

Overall I really loved Tenant File and the advanced features it offers to cater to both property owners and property managers… at a price that is right. Compared to the other property management software reviews I’ve done recently… here’s how it stacks up:

  • Tenant File is a tad more expensive ($269.95 w/ the into price through the links below ) than the others I’ve reviewed so far… but it has many more advanced features and really adds the elements that make this great for both property managers and owners. I think the $269.95 into price is a good deal when you consider the extra features it has over Landlord Max , Quicken Rental Property, and others.
  • Tenant File overall has more features … and is simpler to use than the other software programs in the same price range I’ve reviewed so far.
  • Tenant File is great for 20 – 100 units (can do more than 100 units w/ an upgrade) and is a good option for property managers who are looking for a robust program… with a similar price tag. The other rental property softwares I’ve reviewed are really catered more toward the property owner… and don’t offer the advanced features that Tenant File offers.

How Do I Grade It?? (out of 5)

Design: quicken rental property manager and 1/2
(for property owners)
Affordability :   (for property managers)
Features: and 1/2
Ease of Use :
Overall (20 – 100 units): and 3/4 (4.75 / 5)

This is the highest grade I’ve given a property management software yet… and the score mostly reflects the ease of use, tons of features, and the affordable price in relation to other similar programs. I didn’t give it a perfect score because I haven’t found a PERFECT program yet… but this one comes pretty close. If they added in the “snapshot” of financials and notifications on the main screen and included the word processing feature… it would likely bump it up to a 5 out of 5 for me… for this price range.

I broke down my grade for “affordability” between property owners and property managers because Tenant File is very affordable for a property manager … and is moderately affordable for a property owner when you consider the wealth of advanced features in the software program.

So, if you’re a property manager or property owner looking for a very feature rich yet affordable property management software… Tenant File is a great option for you and you should head over and download the Free Trial fully functional version to try it out to see if it’s for you.


To Purchase The NEW Tenant File 8.0 At A Discount

If you like Tenant File… be sure to come back to this page (bookmark this page) to purchase Tenant File at the discounted “intro” price I negotiated for you with the software developer. 

  • Buy Tenant File 8.0 for the intro price of $269.95 (+ you get our $67 Property Management Forms Package for FREE!)

Click to add Tenant File to your cart

(We use paypal to process our orders.  We accept ALL major credit cards
through our paypal payment system.)

(Click the button above to order Tenant File through our Secure Payment page . If you want to add any upgrades, be sure to “add to cart” the upgrades BEFORE you click the “Buy Now” button above. )

Or, if you have more than 100 units and would like to purchase the Tenant File 8.0 Unlimited Unit version, use the button below to add the Unlimited version to your cart.  The unlimited version comes with the same great features, it just enables you to hold as many units as you want.  The discounted price is $429.95 … a discount from the manufacturers own price on their site.

Order The Tenant File 8.0 Unlimited Unit Version – $429.95

** Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any questions at all by sending me a message through the “contact ” page. Questions about the product, order process, etc… shoot me a message anytime!

Optional Upgrades Offered

If you want to upgrade to get the Word Processor or Work Order features (very very valuable and time saving), it’s an additional investment for each. Learn more about these options at the software developers site… and come back here to purchase them for additional bonuses.

    • Upgrade Package A: Word Processor, Work Order, and 1099 – $260.85

    • Upgrade Package B: Work Order and Word Processor – $200.97

    • Upgrade Package C: Word Processor and 1099 – $165.97

    • Upgrade Package D: Work Order and 1099 – $135.97

    • Upgrade Package E: Word Processor Only – $125.97

    • Upgrade Package F: Work Order Option Only – $109.97

  • Upgrade Package G: 1099 Option Only – $44.97

To order simply click the big yellow “Add to Cart” button to purchase Tenant File 8.0, then if you would like to add additional “Optional Upgrades” with your order… simply choose the upgrade package that you want and you’re good to go.

If you have any troubles with your order, be sure to let us know by emailing us through our contact form above.

Note: Here at The REI Brain dot com we are dedicated to providing you with great free content, resources, training, and product reviews. All of this is not cheap for us to do and we’ve got to pay the bills… so, if you find a product or recommendation or review of a product on our website or in our emails we likely do earn a revenue when our visitors purchase the product/service/program through the links on our website. That is a great way that we’ve found to help pay for our expenses and to continue providing you with great content for free. However, with that said… we are *never* going to sell out to make a quick buck and feel very strongly that every product we introduce you to or that we recommend in a review is truly a great product, at a great value, that we have personally reviewed prior to any recommendation or review. Out of every product we do recommend, there are over 20 that we look at that we feel are not worthy of our recommendation to our valued readers.

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17 Responses to “*UPDATED* Tenant File 8.0 Property Management Software Review – In Depth Video Review”

  1. Wow, that was really an in depth review! I haven’t heard of this software or used it before but it does seem like it could be helpful.

  2. Great review – one of the best, most comprehensive and sincere I’ve read. Excellent…and thank you!


  3. Hey Chelle and JP…

    Thanks for the great comments!

    Yes Chelle, Tenant File is a great software for that mid range mid priced software. Worth a try w/ the free trial anyway.

    Hey Jp… thanks for the compliment! Keep up the good work over on your site too!


    - Trevor

  4. How do I order the optional software, (Work Order, and Word Processing) on your site?

  5. Hey Harry,

    To order the Tenant File 6.0 software AND one of the optional upgrade packages (like the word processor, etc.), just click the big yellow “Add to Cart” button to place the Tenant File software into your shopping cart.

    A new window will pop up (the shopping cart), then you can select the upgrade package you want to add and it will automatically place the upgrade package into your shopping cart.

    From there, you can just check out and pay as normal.

    Thanks Harry!

    - Trevor

  6. great reviews!! can you recommend a software for openspace storage (rv,boats trailers etc) . I have about 60 spaces and dont want to spend a mint on software.

  7. Hey Bill,

    Hmmm… I haven’t reviewed any openspace storage software yet… I’ll put it on my list though! I’m sure there are “mini-storage” type softwares out there that would do the job for you… but truthfully I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

    Let me know which software you go with so I can share it with the rest of the readers.


    - Trevor

  8. Hey Trevor,

    Found your site with a google search. Very informative information you are giving, Thank you.

    I’m looking at your reviews because I am looking for Property Management Software that will help me manage Retail Shopping Centers. Your reviews of these products are geared more toward rental houses. While Tenant File might work for me (I will down load the demo), I wanted to go ahead and ask if you’ve done any research into property management software specifically generated for Retail Leasing and Management? Perhaps a price range not to exceed $1,000.

    Thanks for your time.

  9. I realy enjoyed the review video. I have tried to download the trial version to be sutre this is what I want but, cannot seem to get either link ( their site and yours) to download. I have 10 units and keeping it all in my head is getting to be too much. I would love to try this software and I have now saved a link to your site so that I may learn more about the investment world. Can you help?

  10. Hey Gary, Hmmm… that’s weird. I’ve got both links to work right now. You might retry to see if there was just a little glitch in the link when you tried it. Thanks!

  11. How many workstation licenses does this $249 price cover?

  12. I believe you can download it on multiple computers… not sure though. You may check w/ the Tenant File guys on that one. Thanks!

  13. Your review was good but until you have used the program, you don’t really see that it is not very intuitive. The 60 days support could be more helpful. Tenant File seems to have a 10 minute limit… if the problem isn’t solved, tough. In addition, if you don’t use the program often during the 60 day period (I perform bookkeeping services 1 – 2 times per month), that 60 day help period does not help. It would be really nice if there was an option of a certain number of calls but without the 60 day limit. Granted, I came from a heartier program but after more than 6 months of working with Tenant File, from the bookkeeping end of things, I might not choose it again.

  14. If you had to order and install an update to Tenant File (due to new computer Purchase)in the middle of actually doing property management, you would not be quite so excited about this program. We we told that the program would work on Windows 7, etc. After many phone calls and messages left with support (support line was always busy) we started using the web support. Probably after 20 hours of “trying this” and “trying that” we did get the program correctly installed. Now we are dealing with the program not printing reports which we used previously. Of course when we ordered the updated program we were not told that it was unreturnable. That came out at a later time. I would never recommend this program!

  15. Hello,

    Thank you for the detailed review, it is very helpful.

    In your review you note that this is geared towards 20-100 units and that it will work well for only 20. My father wants me to start keeping the books for his rental properties which number 12 units on 4 properties. Would this software be a good fit for that situation? Or would it be better to go with something like Quicken so I can also keep their personal book keeping at the same time?

    Thank you again,
    Mary C.

  16. Hey Mary, ya… Tenant File is for sure good for 12 units… its good for 1 if you need it only for 1. The reason I said for “20-100″ is because in my opinion… thats kindof the sweet spot of what I think it was developed for… but, it will handle much more units… and much less. Really, its up to you and your specific needs. If you like it and feel it fits your needs… awesome. If not, there are many other alternatives as well.

    Hope that helps! :-)

  17. Hi, I wanted to address some questions regarding technical support for the Tenant File Property Management Software. I am the support supervisor, take my job very seriously, and work hard to make sure the Tenant File has the best customer support in this industry.

    When a user purchases the Tenant File they have 60 days of FREE phone support, starting the day after purchase. There are a few software programs out there that offer 30 days, but we provide a full 60 day period, and you can call right away with any questions. Yes, there is a 10 minute limit per call, but the techs will go over that time if there are not any other customers waiting on hold. We have over 15,000 users, but only average about 30 calls a day, due to the fact that most users need very little assistance.

    The phone support hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm CST, and if the lines are busy (we directly answer 90% of all calls on average) we’ll call you back if you leave a message during those hours.

    Also starting right away is free UNLIMITED web support through our excellent support ticket system. You can access that system by 2 clicks within the Tenant File software. Our tech support staff monitors all questions throughout the day, and all tickets are answered by the end of each day. Our replies utilize a large knowledge base of information, and often we will have detailed answers to common questions using samples from that knowledge base.

    Additionally, every new user gets a printed Quick Start guide that takes them through the program. There is also a 7 minute video on the home page of our website that takes the user through a month’s worth of work.

    Also in the Help File is the complete Tenant File User’s Guide in PDF format, which can be printed, or you can search for specific topics from within the document.

    In addition to the above, if you still would like additional support, we offer paid phone support in 15 minute increments, by the month, or by the year. We also have a 30 minute paid training session with a Tenant File expert over the phone that includes the sharing of database information.

    The Tenant File is very easy to install and use, but we realize any new accounting system requires some help to get going. We believe that our support is unparalleled in the business.

    Thank you,
    Paul Toller
    VP Tenant File Support

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