Than Merrill’s Wholesaling University… I Just Joined… Have You?

Here’s the deal… finally joined Than Merrills Wholesaling University because I had a chance to look more into whats going to be in the university… and I know it’s not going to be opened back up for a long time… (end of the year).

So, for all of you wondering… check out this video where I go through and enroll in Wholesaling University myself as a student and you’ll see what happens when you’re in the program.

Enjoy :-) <<— Get it through here

I said I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in this "than merrill"
launch crap… and I’m not… but I just put my $100 where
my mouth is and show you in a video me going through
and enrolling in Wholesaling U … simply because I want
to get not only the university (which is seriously the best
assembly of practical and up to date wholesaling teaching
I’ve seen)… but the bonuses of the lead generation websites
and deal flow lead processing software you get is well worth
the $97.

Anyhow… check out what the real deal is … see what happens
after you enrol (I go through it w/ my credit card and buy
the damn thing myself)… I know this will be closed later
tonight or tomorrow morning… no jokes.

And… how I said I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in the
"bonus wars"… well… I’m a competitive guy and I can’t
stand sitting on the sidelines and not letting you know
about this opportunity like I should.

So… my last minute bonuses (even for those who already

- A 45% off coupon fo r any REI info product that you
want (we’re an affiliate for most REI products… and
will pass on 95% of the commission to you for your
next purchase… the 5% just pays my VA to cut the check

For a $1000 program that could save you $450…

- A surprise bonus seriously worth $997 that you’ll fall
out of your chair when you see what it is

- A Free fully customizable REI website w/ built in
lead database,
SEO optimized up the ying yang… I
had my own web guy build it for my biz and it cost
me $2,500… I’ll have my web guy set it up on your
current web host or you can have me host it for just
$19.99 a month  ($2,500 value)

- A 1 hour personal phone consultation w/ me on
your internet marketing strategy to drive qualified
traffic to your site and convert them to buyers/sellers/
private lenders ( $250 value)

- A $50 extra rebate when you stay in the university
with me for at least 2 months (I’ll mail you a check
after the 2nd month in the university)

- A Snickers candy bar ( the big ones… not the bite sized ;-)
($0.99 value , lol)

This will go for the next 15 people to join me through
this link: <<–.

If you’ve already enrolled through someone elses link
I’ll give you the website mentioned above… I couldn’t
find any of the current REI sites to fit my needs… so
I had my web guy build these which are REI sites
on steroids… and actually look good rather than those
crappy ones sold everywhere else.  But, the catch is
that if you already bought through someone elses
link and want the site… it has to be hosted on our
servers… but our hosting is only $19.99 a month (which
includes support for the sites) which is probably cheaper
than you’re paying right now anyway.

So.. .check out my video of me joining the university
enroll… and get those bonuses if you’re one of the
next 15 to join me.

I know this is a rather hyped email… and I hate these
kind of emails myself.


If you’re wanting to wholesale or are already a wholesaler
and want to boost your business w/ bulk REO wholesaling,
or using the internet to generate more leads… whatever…
$97 a month is probably cheaper than you’re paying on
crap products and training… and this thing is seriously
as good as I’ve seen. Period.

See you in the university (and your Snickers will be
in the mail within 48 hours after you join… serious…
I know… that threw you over the top huh?, lol)

I’ve got to run… my wife is really going to be upset
because I’m up here on my computer while I should
be packing for our trip…

Give me a call on my cell if you want… but if you’re
planning on joining us… do it today before it gets
shut down.

Have a great weekend!

- Trevor

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