Gerald Romine Review of his Ultimate Real Estate System 2.0 – Unbiased review


Long story short… I wasn’t going to make this video for you but several readers emailed me wanting my take on Gerald Romine’s UREI 2.0 software that launched last week. It’s closing down this week some time so if you’re at all wanting to systematize your REI biz, your short sales, your REO’s, etc. (anything that has anything to do with creating paperwork or marketing pieces)… check out the long @ss video below BEFORE you buy…

**Quick note… I originally planned on making the video 20 minutes or less… ha… nowhere near that. I ended up being just over an hour… but it’s 100% me walking through every aspect of the software showing you what it does… what it doesn’t do… and whether I think it’s worth the $.

What To Do Next:

Okay, you may want to fully skip my video and just sign up for the hour long live webinar w/ Gerald tonight at 5pm PST (Monday the 9th).  He knows the software better than me… will show you every element of it… and he’s giving away 2 brand spankin’ new laptops just to people who are on the line.  Register below:

Get On The Free Webinar Tonight at 5pm PST (Monday the 9th) W/ Gerald <<

Or, if you wanted to pick up Geralds software w/ the bonuses (including the 4 day boot camp) right now or look at the sales page… use the link below:

Pick up Geralds Software Here <<

Long Story Short

The bottom line is that the software is just $997 and $97 a month (very cheap for the systematization that this gives you… and you’ll be able to make 2-3 times more offers and make those offers more effective by making them "justified").

And, Gerald started a 3 pay program for people who want to start w/ a smaller payment.  So, it’s something like $350 in 3 payments you can get started.

Note: Here at The REI Brain dot com we are dedicated to providing you with great free content, resources, training, and product reviews. All of this is not cheap for us to do and we’ve got to pay the bills… so, if you find a product or recommendation or review of a product on our website or in our emails we likely do earn a revenue when our visitors purchase the product/service/program through the links on our website. That is a great way that we’ve found to help pay for our expenses and to continue providing you with great content for free. However, with that said… we are *never* going to sell out to make a quick buck and feel very strongly that every product we introduce you to or that we recommend in a review is truly a great product, at a great value, that we have personally reviewed prior to any recommendation or review. Out of every product we do recommend, there are over 20 that we look at that we feel are not worthy of our recommendation to our valued readers.

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  1. Hi, Trevor. What would be great would be for you to compare Gerald Romine’s system against Zack Childress’ MSL Gorilla. Thanks!

  2. Romines stuff is crap and he is a rip-off artist

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