Advice On Buying Real Estate Investing Courses… My Honest Take

Okay, I’m at the tail end of this little “vacation/work” trip… Vegas last week… then Palm Springs early this week… now I’m in San Francisco until Saturday.

So… the last 2 months has been absolutely crazy in the real estate world as far as products being launched.  And, frankly… there’s been a bit of backlash from some people on some email lists who are getting a lot of emils for these launches.

Anyhow, I filmed a video for you from my hotel room here in San Francisco’s Union Square… I give you a glimpse of my “office” for this week… and give you my candid advice on buying real estate investing courses.

Buying Real Estate Investing Courses – Some Candid Advice from REIbrain on Vimeo.

As you know, I spent over a year “studying” real estate before I ever took action and bought a property… in the video I tell you why I didn’t take action for over a year… and what you as a new or growing real estate investor should do when a new course comes out.

Truthfully, I’m not against all of these product launches… really as long as the person behind the launch is the real deal… the product is high value (compared to price)… and is actionable… people can benefit from the training in the course IF THEY PUT IT TO ACTION.

For the people complaining about all of these launches… it’s time to look at why they (or you) are complaining rather than looking at opportunities and taking them.

  1. If you don’t like 20 emails a day coming into your email box about the next “greatest” product… simple solution… unsubscribe from all of the lists but the 1-3 that you trust and like the most.  That way you’re not spread thin and wasting your time reading 8 billion emails rather than implementing. Make sense?
  2. If you don’t like it when a new product launches… ask yourself why.  If the product is truly actionable, a high value (compared to price), and created from a person who is the real deal… then all you have to do is evaluate whether that specific information will help you get to the very NEXT step in your REI biz.  If it won’t… don’t buy… if it will… invest in it.  Simple.
  3. If you buy a course and don’t implement it… don’t get mad at the product creator.  With all of these courses they usually offer some sort of money back guarantee.  And, frankly… 90% of people don’t implement what they learn because they’re too lazy… or way too overloaded on information that they don’t know what to do next. So, if you get a course either implement it or return it… don’t complain that it doesn’t work because even the most basic courses like Carleton Sheets (which was the first REI course I bought… at $500)… is enough to get you going… it got me going… but the key is that I implemented it before I went on to learn anything else.

So, in this time when a lot of real estate investing products are being “launched”… you need to do these 3 things to stay sane and profitable:

  1. Choose the 1-3 email lists you trust and like… then unsubscribe from the rest. I hope I make the cut… but if I don’t no biggie ;-)
  2. When a new product is launched… first look at where you are in your REI biz… and write the 2-3 stumbling blocks you’re having to greater success… if that product helps to solve those… and it’s from a reputable person… think about investing in it.  If it doesn’t help you get over those immediate stumbling blocks… it may just be overloading you more if you buy it.
  3. Implement what you learn relentlessly... when you invest in a course or mentorship program… don’t buy anything else until you actually get off your butt and implement what you’ve learned. Don’t become an infoproduct addict… become an addict of implementation. That’s the only way you’re going to be successful… you’ve heard it before… now just do it… or I guess you can waste more of your time… doesn’t really make a difference to me.


Anyhow, watch the video… it says it a lot better and you get to see a bit of downtown San Francisco w/ me as your tour guide :-)

High quality courses are good and can be a vital element to success (unless you’re lucky enough to have a great mentor… or you want to go through the school of hard knocks)…

… but get courses to solve a specific problem for you… don’t get a course to fulfill your infoproduct addiction.


Watch the video… I’m outta here… my wife and I are heading down to Pier 39 here in San Fran.


- Trevor

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2 Responses to “Advice On Buying Real Estate Investing Courses… My Honest Take”

  1. What is the name of the book that you said was better than Carlton Sheets? And do you know of any material that can teach me Commerical office buildings, how to purchase and manage?

  2. Hey Remy, the name of the book is “Retire Rich from Real Estate: A Low Risk Approach to Buying Rental Property For The Long-Term Investor” by Marc W. Anderson Ph.D. Great book!

    Here’s the direct link to the Amazon page where you can buy it!

    Enjoy :-)

    – Trevor

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