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NOTE: First, our company is NOT related to Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profits Systems in any way.  We’ve been getting a lot of people emailing us and calling our number thinking that we are related to Jeff Adams and his Foreclosure Profits company (which we are NOT). It looks like we rank high in the search engines for the name of his company and his product as a result of a review of their product we did months ago. Please do not email us or call us for support on his system or to cancel… we can’t help you… again… we are NOT RELATED in any way shape or form to his company other than the fact that we reviewed his product a while back.   So, if you email or call us we won’t return your message because the only info we’ll be able to give you is to go to the website below… and frankly we’ve been getting way to many calls from people about this.

For support to straight to their support website at:




I got about 35 emails in my inbox from gurus about Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profit System product he launched today… and I got about twice as many emails from loyal REIBrain newsletter readers asking whether or not it’s worth their $10… basically they wanted my honest Jeff Adams review.

So… even though I’m getting over a cold (my voice was completely gone yesterday… it’s almost back now… still struggling a bit though) I filmed a video for you that discusses the REO property market (I show you how many REO properties there are on the market right now… and why about 70% of them aren’t even listed with realtors yet)…

… then, as promised to the readers who emailed in asking my opinion on Jeff Adams and wanting me to review Jeff’s new product… I go over the offer… I actually buy the product right there in the video… and I give you a cool bonus that I can honestly say no one has ever gotten (or you can just choose the $250 rebate if you choose to go “deluxe” on me).

You’ll see the 2 choices I give ya… either I write you a $250 check… or give you something I think is cooler and worth much more.

Also, at the end of the video (it’s a long video… so I like to reward people who listen to me ramble for 40 minutes ;-) there’s a nice little “addition” that you’ll get that will truly make it so you don’t have to pay ANYTHING at all for the 297 page Foreclosure Profit System book (the $10 thing).  Basically, I’ll pay the $10 for you if you follow the instructions at the end of the video.

Cool?  I think so.

Here’s the Rebate And Bonus Link

If you made it through the video you saw the bonuses (which are simply crazy good)… and the rebate offer for $250 (and the other rebate offer that you have to watch the last 5 minutes to learn about)… well… you have to use the link below to get them.

The Rebate/Bonus Link <<—  (must use that link to get it)

And, I forgot to mention it in the video… but the $250 rebate or the pre-release edition of the Private Money Blueprint home study course (we’re going to offer it at $597 all day long)… I can only give those to the first 20 people who take Jeff up on getting his full $997 home study course… we only have 25 pre-release private money blueprint courses made… and frankly I don’t want my VA to have to write more than 20 $250 rebate checks… it costs money.

So, like I said:

  • I did look at the $10 book… and it’s very timely and actionable info on buying REO properties… huge value for $10.
  • I haven’t seen Jeff’s upgrade $997 home study course… I’ve heard good things about it… but if you take him up on it through the link below… you get to choose between a $250 cash rebate I’ll send you… or the PMBP pre-release home study course (worth $597).  And, he has that fancy 6 month “if you do a deal within 6 months he’ll send you your $997 back in trade for your testimonial” guarantee… which is pretty cool.

The Rebate/Bonus Link <<—  (must use that link to get it)

Note: Here at The REI Brain dot com we are dedicated to providing you with great free content, resources, training, and product reviews. All of this is not cheap for us to do and we’ve got to pay the bills… so, if you find a product or recommendation or review of a product on our website or in our emails we likely do earn a revenue when our visitors purchase the product/service/program through the links on our website. That is a great way that we’ve found to help pay for our expenses and to continue providing you with great content for free. However, with that said… we are *never* going to sell out to make a quick buck and feel very strongly that every product we introduce you to or that we recommend in a review is truly a great product, at a great value, that we have personally reviewed prior to any recommendation or review. Out of every product we do recommend, there are over 20 that we look at that we feel are not worthy of our recommendation to our valued readers.

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  1. I tried to contact Jeffs office 2 times and missed 2 calls but when i went to there support site i was very satisfied Jeffs staff was very helpful very understanding when i explained i was upset. I am purchasing Jeffs new product next month.

  2. I purchased his system about 2 months ago. The information was awesome and I have already purchased 3 homes and working on my fourth. I have never had any issues reaching his office and getting help. I also appreciated all the follw through with his people trying to make sure I was satisfied and answering questions to help me with my first deal. Totally satisfied and hope he continues to share The guy is brilliant.

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