REO Goldminer Video Review And Bonus

Hey, first of all I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m supposed to be going to get meat for a barbecue tonight… but I wanted to get this quick video to you. It’s exactly 5 minutes long.

Anyhow, I kinda waited a bit too long to get this to you… but I finally had time to sit down and film a video showing the inside of the REOgoldminer system (I call it the “google of REO’s).

I’m not going to write too much about it… the video below talks for itself.

*NOTE: Since the video was shot, REOgoldminer actually has added more features and added a better and bigger REO database to the system… AND… they cut the monthly price in HALF… so it’s less than $100/mo now and you can get a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL as well.  So, disregard the price I mention in the video… you DON’T have to pay $47 upfront… it’s $0 upfront now… w/ a 14 day free trial… and less than $100/mo after that if you want to continue.

You can use my “cleverly disguised” affiliate link below… if you do I’ve got a cool little bonus for you that I tell you about below. We do make a few bucks if you use that link to buy… but if you value our review we’d appreciate you use the link :-)

Go here: –>> REOgoldminer for $0 today (14 day free trial)

(affordable monthly fee)

What is REOgoldminer?

  • Comprehensive “Direct from Bank” REO property search engine
  • Built in comps tools and mapping features
  • Can highly customize your property searches
  • I found over 300 REOs in less than 15 cities here in Oregon in 20 seconds (30 that were at 60% or more discounts!).
  • Direct contact info to the selling agent
  • Can set automatic searches so the system does your searches for your each night and just emails you the new properties as they come up so you can get them before everyone else does.

Really… this thing is cool and that’s the reason I’m telling you about it.  I could have easily bagged it and went out and got the meat for our bbq rather than doing that video for you.

But, I get so damn many emails every week from people wanting to know how to find REO’s.  Well… THIS IS HOW. And, you don’t even have to go out and beat on doors or schmooze w/ agents.

My REOgoldminer Bonus (for people who get it from this link):

When you use the link below to grab your REOgoldminer account (for just $47 upfront for a limited time), we’ll give you the cool and valuable bonuses below.

  • Our fully customizable Private Lender Powerpoint presentation with detailed speaking script that Patrick Riddle (who’s recruited over $6million over 6 years w/ this presentation) created, tweaked, and refined for his own business.  (real value is $197)
  • Our NEW (this one actually works ;-) deal analyzing excel spreadsheet software on steroids. This is the same spreadsheet a personal investor friend of mine created and still uses for his full-time wholesaling and rehabbing business where he buys and flips 8-10 houses EVERY MONTH. This is the deal analyzer he uses. It’s got advanced calculations and spits out how much you can pay for the property to make sure you will profit from it. (real value $197)
  • Advanced Negotiation Strategies Audio CD where Patrick Riddles (done over 127 deals and he’s only 28 years old) business partner goes into deal on the specific negotiation strategies he uses to get those huge discounts you keep hearing about on properties… and to turn defensive sellers into cooperative sellers.  This is HUGE… and Dusty (his name) does all of the negotiation for his company… and this CD you’ll get he goes into his tactics and strategies.  (value $97)

Go here to grab REOgoldminer before they shut it down tonight and to get our bonuses (notice how we give you practicle and applicable bonuses… not just crappy reports or something. These are tools you can and will use everyday in your business… the same tools actual investors use everyday to close up to 10 properties a month).

>> Go To Try REOgoldminer Free For 14 Days <<

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