Freedomsoft Software by Preston Ely – Video Review, Pros, Cons, Discounts

Been getting all of the emails and hype about Freedomsoft Software recently?

Ya, you’re not alone. Here’s an email that we got in here at theREIbrain last week that spurred on this review that we’re doing for Freedomsoft this next week:

“Hi Trevor, first, I really appreciate your free content you guys always put out (big smile) and appreciate how you always like to help us real estate investors out. Well, I’ve been getting some emails about a software called Freedomsoft over the past month or so, and it seems really solid, but I’m curious to see if you’ve had a chance to actually use the software to see if it lives up to its hype.

Thanks for the help!

Katherine Blair – Sacramento, CA”

Well Katherine, first… thanks for the email!

Second… yep… we’ve been able to get a preview of the Freedomsoft software package and we’re actually working up a full video review and walkthrough of the software early next week that we’re going to put up over on this page we’re going to house our Freedomsoft Reviews at.

So, if you’re like Katherine and are wanting to be able to look past the hype of Freedomsoft and see just the facts, like:

  • What’s it do? (and most importantly… what’s it NOT do)
  • Hows it work? (and how easy is Freedomsoft to use)
  • What’s it cost? (and how to get more free stuff from your software that the Freedomsoft guys aren’t directly advertising to the public)
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Who the software may be right for? (and who it’s NOT right for. It’s NOT right for me… and I’ll tell you why)
  • And more…

So, make sure you check out the more detailed review page we have on the Freedomsoft Software … and keep checking in as we’ll update it as the whole “launch” happens to give you an inside peak at bonuses, discounts, etc. that you won’t find anywhere else (oh, and… we’ll show you how to get us,, to pay for a full marketing campaign for you of up to $500).

>> Our Official Freedomsoft Software by Preston Ely Review Page <<

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2 Responses to “Freedomsoft Software by Preston Ely – Video Review, Pros, Cons, Discounts”

  1. I just became interested in wholesaling and now learning of freedomsoft software,it seems a great tool to have for your business,but i can’t find anywhere to purchase that or even get a price on it. Can you help me out. Thanks for the great resourcesnad hope to hear back from you.

  2. I love Freedomsoft. The new Reloaded one is real good too!

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