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Richard Roop Free and Clear Cash Machine Honest Review

Hey, Whew! It’s almost 90 degrees today and there isn’t a cloud in sight!  Finally… summer is here My wife and I just got back from a 5 day camping trip w/ the family last week and I feel refreshed as heck. We caught some fish… We went for a great bike ride (I got [...]

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7 Tips On How You Can Sell Your House In Todays Market

I get literally hundreds of emails a day throughout all of my email accounts for my companies and I do my best to go through them all and answer them individually.  If you sent in a question and haven’t gotten an answer yet hold tight… I’ll get to ya! Anyhow, I got a question in [...]

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REO Goldminer Video Review And Bonus

Hey, first of all I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m supposed to be going to get meat for a barbecue tonight… but I wanted to get this quick video to you. It’s exactly 5 minutes long. Anyhow, I kinda waited a bit too long to get this to you… but I [...]

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Top 5 Real Estate Markets Showing Signs Of Recovery

If you watch the news nowadays (which I highly suggest you quit watching the news altogether because it NEVER puts you in a better mood and it’s 98% bad or gossipy “news”)… all you hear about is how “bad” the real estate market is and that the sky is falling. So… is it? Well, the [...]

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NY Times Article: Obama bill forces pre-foreclosure investors to return properties

I came across this article in the New York Times yesterday and wanted to get it out to everyone… seems we’re getting that “change” Obama promised. I just had to forward this New York Times article to you.  My jaw dropped in horror when I read what is happening today.  This new federal law will [...]

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How To Build A Buyers List: Advanced Workshop

Hey, This is kind of last minute… but we’re having a 100% content webinar workshop tomorrow (Wednesday) on “How To Build A Real Estate Buyers List Fast: Advanced Concepts” . This is a follow up to our “Buyers List 101” workshop we held a few weeks ago that our newsletter subscribers have free access to. [...]

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Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profit System Reviews

READ THIS IF YOU’RE TRYING TO CONTACT JEFF ADAMS FORECLOSURE PROFITS SYSTEM SUPPORT NOTE: First, our company is NOT related to Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profits Systems in any way.  We’ve been getting a lot of people emailing us and calling our number thinking that we are related to Jeff Adams and his Foreclosure Profits company [...]

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Advice On Buying Real Estate Investing Courses… My Honest Take

Okay, I’m at the tail end of this little “vacation/work” trip… Vegas last week… then Palm Springs early this week… now I’m in San Francisco until Saturday. So… the last 2 months has been absolutely crazy in the real estate world as far as products being launched.  And, frankly… there’s been a bit of backlash [...]

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A little story of my travels for ya… (Vegas, Palm Springs, and San Fran)

Hey, I wanted to write you really quick… I’m sitting in a Starbucks in San Francisco in Union Square getting some work done. I learned a little something this past week that will help me be more successful in ’09 that I thought you’d enjoy and be able to apply yourself in your biz and [...]

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February 2009 Real Estate Statistics and Indicators Report

Well, here we are… the first month of ’09 is in the books and it looks there MAY be an end in sight for this little real estate downturn. Unemployment has been rising each month for the past several… which isn’t a good indicator… but let’s hope that all of this crazy TARP money actually [...]

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