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Short Sale Success Blueprint Re-Launch – What You’re *Really* Paying For

**UPDATE: Ooops… I was off by a few days… I guess their not giving away the Short Sale Success Blueprint manual until next week (12/9)… but, in the meantime check out what it’s about… go grab the free short sale education videos… and I’ll keep you updates. A few people on our newsletter had questions [...]

Probates By Preston Ely Course – Why It’s NOT Worth $297 bucks…

In late May Preston Ely launched his Probates By Preston course .  There was a big ol’ hoopla around the course and it sold out in something like 4 or 5 hours (about 500 courses sold).   If you’re on any of the real estate “guru” email lists out there you’ve probably already gotten a ton [...]

Home Equity Line of Credits Frozen By Morgan Stanley

So, what happens when you own a property that has $50,000  in equity and your lender won’t let you tap into that equity with a home equity line of credit? Well… that’s the question that a bunch of property owners are asking themselves right now because Morgan Stanley just announced this move to thousands of [...]

Great Video… Why We Do What We Do… How To Do It Better

Great video from Tony Robbins Ted talk a while back.  I don’t care what you think… you need to get your head game down BEFORE you get the real estate investing part down. Carve out 20 minutes and do yourself a favor… watch the video . Classic from Tony Robbins. More cool clips like this [...]

Finding Private Lending In Today’s Market… How Easy Is It??

Okay, I’m just getting settled down from the weekend.  The 4th was a blast (as always), my birthday was yesterday (notch another one on the belt), and late last week I chatted with some awesome real estate investors who are making it happen. Anyhow, one of the investors I’ve been chatting with is a young [...]

Is The REI Brain a top Real Estate Investing resource? Google thinks so!

UPDATE:  Big roller coaster ride… no longer #4.  Lesson… analyze things to figure out why they are like they are… then once you have results that show you why… base your excitement off of the long-term data… not off of a one time fluke or huge increase in leads. ——– Wow… today I went about [...]

Okay… back from my short hiatus…

Whew, I’m trying to catch up in my real business from my week “off” last week in Orlando.  Ya, technically I wasn’t working… but I did learn a ton to advance my businesses that I will implement in 2008. So, I met some real estate investors in Orlando and made some great contacts.  Mike Collins [...]

10 REI Experts Join For a Cause… The Forsaken Children Project

A little treat for you today. I wasn’t planning on writing a post today… but I got an email in my in-box that read something like this… (actually exactly like this) Trevor, I’ve got something truly important to share with you today. It’s about “The Forsaken Children Project” – something I believe in, and I’d [...]

The 4 Ways a Successful Real Estate Investor Sets Goals

NOTE: For an updated review on Brad Wozny as of September 2009 please see our most recent post on our blog about Brad and his new “Six Figure Syndication” system… and why it may not be worth the price. Go here if you’re looking for a Brad Wozny review << ———————- Yep… not all goals [...]

Estimating Property Values – This site is 1000% better than Zillow!

I hope you had an excellent weekend!  I watched my wife’s cousins play a couple basketball games (they are in 1st and 5th grade)… man, just watching them playing really brought back great memories from when I was a kid.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just go out and have fun everyday? [...]

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