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How to calculate real estate rehab costs – What real estate pros use

One huge question newbie real estate investors ask quite a bit is… “how do I estimate the cost for my rehabs?”  There are many ways to do this… some easier and cheaper than others.  Heres a quick post that goes over ways to accurately estimate rehab costs on a piece of investment real estate.  This [...]

Existing home sales increases at biggest rate in 3 years… what does this mean?

As you may have heard, existing home sales have risen by 3.9% in Feburary… THE BIGGEST RISE in 3 years!! So what does this mean?  Does it mean that we have seen the proverbial bottom of the pit and are due for another bull market in real estate?…  Or just that this new statistic looks promising and [...]

Builders… adapt to the market or… die

This post is for all you residentail home builders out there. As I know you already have seen, the mortgage industry has tightened up a lot in the past month or so.  Not a long time ago, a buyer of one of your new homes could go to the bank and get a 100% or 95% [...]

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