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Top 3 Cities For The Most Affordable Real Estate…

With the recent slump in the real estate market as a result of foreclosures , the mortgage crisis , etc… there are some pretty damn good deals to be had out there by both real estate investors and home buyers. While some cities around the U.S. are still relatively strong as far as home prices… [...]

The real way to build wealth in real estate investing…

For the past 4 or 5 years everyone has been jumping on the “flipping” and rehabbing bandwagon because of the late night infomercials. “I made $45,000 on this flip that took me 3 weeks with no money of my own!” “In just 90 days I found and wholesaled this 23 unit building for a $93,000 [...]

Quick way to make a bit of lunch money for you real estate bloggers…

I know this blog is mainly about real estate investing and life success… but I also like to create multiple streams of income for myself that make me money when I sleep… as I’m sure you do.  You’re on the net right now… so why not get paid for the web surfing you do.  You may [...]

Quick lesson in increasing cashflow on your rental properties

Here’s a quick lesson that I just re-learned last week on how to quickly incease cashflow on my rental properties without increasing rents on my tenants. Last week I just got a $30/month “raise” just by doing a yearly audit of my expenses.  Ya, $30 isn’t enough to change your life…  but when combined with [...]

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