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Optimize Your Online Squeeze Pages – SIMs 2.0 Review and Free Training

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Are Your Squeeze Pages Converting Like They Should?? (probably not) Are you?  If you are… are you tracking those leads, converting those leads through squeeze pages, and using squeeze pages that are effective? Most people aren’t.  Even if you have a squeeze page up… odds are your squeeze page [...]

Free Motivated Seller Information Form For Real Estate Investors

From now on, every Wednesday we’re going to be posting new Free Real Estate Forms that you can use in your real estate investing business .  We’ve posted a bunch of free forms in the past… but we’ve had so many people asking for more that we’re going to start making a ritual out of [...]

Short Sale Success Blueprint – Free Home Study Course and Stuff…

The last week has been crazy around here for several reasons. One, we held that private money workshop last week and it went awesome… but we’re working hard to get another live workshop up next week for those who weren’t able to make it. Two, I’ve been working hard to systematize my businesses as much [...]

Probates By Preston Ely Course – Why It’s NOT Worth $297 bucks…

In late May Preston Ely launched his Probates By Preston course .  There was a big ol’ hoopla around the course and it sold out in something like 4 or 5 hours (about 500 courses sold).   If you’re on any of the real estate “guru” email lists out there you’ve probably already gotten a ton [...]

Great Video… Why We Do What We Do… How To Do It Better

Great video from Tony Robbins Ted talk a while back.  I don’t care what you think… you need to get your head game down BEFORE you get the real estate investing part down. Carve out 20 minutes and do yourself a favor… watch the video . Classic from Tony Robbins. More cool clips like this [...]

Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter… 269 and Counting…

As you might know… I was marketing for a mortgage lender a few years back and got to see the beginnings of the mortgage meltdown firsthand. It was weird… one month the company I was marketing for had all kinds of lending programs and we had dozens of wholesale lenders calling us and stopping in [...]

Postlets – Mass Classified Ad Posting Service For Real Estate Investors

Okay, I may be a bit late in the game here… but I just found out about Postlets . I know… I know… it’s been around for a while and a ton of other websites have talked about them. But… I guess I was just too darn busy and never came across it until a [...]

Keeping Financials for A Real Estate Investing Biz… You’re Doing it Right???

For some people keeping your financials for your REI biz is easy and comes second nature. For me… I’d rather focus on marketing and sometimes forget about keeping the financials for my businesses because it’s something that I don’t enjoy doing. Financials are of course important for tax reasons… but are also vital for the [...]

Landflip – Selling or Buying Land Anytime Soon??

For all of you aspiring land barons out there there’s an awesome resource that you should know about in the land selling and buying world. I actually came across this site about a year ago somehow (I don’t remember how…) and to tell you the truth didn’t really think a whole lot of it. The [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure Heat Map – Great tool for home buyers and investors…

I’ve been buried so deep in getting the new site design up (this is becoming an epic isn’t it? Wow, didn’t expect a simple site redesign to take so damn long!) and in building my other businesses that I’ve neglected YOU hugely! I’m so sorry . Anyhow, no excuses… Okay, on to some cool stuff. [...]

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