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World Economy Is On A Bubble… Very Eye Opening Video

We’ve all seen over the past year or two the affects of greed, over-consumption, over leveraged credit (both people and businesses), etc has done on our economy. But, the thing is… with all of this “bail out” stuff happening… it’s just clouding the whole situation and paving the way for hyper inflation, more job loss, [...]

These Children Need Your And My Help… Got A Few Minutes?

Hey, this video has NOTHING to do with real estate… and everything to do with doing the right thing and helping other people out. Click play to check it out…. (sorry for the audio at the start… I’m not a pro video guy :-) How To Help Out… Click this link to check out the [...]

REO Goldminer Video Review And Bonus

Hey, first of all I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m supposed to be going to get meat for a barbecue tonight… but I wanted to get this quick video to you. It’s exactly 5 minutes long. Anyhow, I kinda waited a bit too long to get this to you… but I [...]

NY Times Article: Obama bill forces pre-foreclosure investors to return properties

I came across this article in the New York Times yesterday and wanted to get it out to everyone… seems we’re getting that “change” Obama promised. I just had to forward this New York Times article to you.  My jaw dropped in horror when I read what is happening today.  This new federal law will [...]

Advice On Buying Real Estate Investing Courses… My Honest Take

Okay, I’m at the tail end of this little “vacation/work” trip… Vegas last week… then Palm Springs early this week… now I’m in San Francisco until Saturday. So… the last 2 months has been absolutely crazy in the real estate world as far as products being launched.  And, frankly… there’s been a bit of backlash [...]

Than Merrill’s Wholesaling University… I Just Joined… Have You?

Here’s the deal… finally joined Than Merrills Wholesaling University because I had a chance to look more into whats going to be in the university… and I know it’s not going to be opened back up for a long time… (end of the year). So, for all of you wondering… check out this video where [...]

December 2008 Real Estate Statistics Report and Indicators

The end of the year is breathing down our necks right now and the real estate market stats for December are already here as provided by our friends at John Burns Consulting. Yet again… a bit of the same ‘ol story… but this time there’s indications that housing is becoming more affordable in many parts [...]

The “Hidden Catch” In Tim Mai’s Free DVD Launch…

Okay, I’ve got to make this quick because I need to go pick up my wife at the car repair place… she’s getting her brakes done. Anyhow, you’ve probably heard about the whole Tim Mai launch going on right now with the free $7 DVD set. Well, I’ve gotten about 10 emails from subscribers asking [...]

Real Estate Agents Are Really Going Green… (you have to see this one)

Okay, this post is going to be short and sweet… and shows how much realtors are desparate to get houses sold in todays market. My wife and I are looking for a house right now… so I know first hand how many houses there are out there right now… and how much a nice back [...]

Home Equity Line of Credits Frozen By Morgan Stanley

So, what happens when you own a property that has $50,000  in equity and your lender won’t let you tap into that equity with a home equity line of credit? Well… that’s the question that a bunch of property owners are asking themselves right now because Morgan Stanley just announced this move to thousands of [...]

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