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Step By Step How To Set Private Money Lender Appointments…

I know, I know… you already know how to set an appointment… right? Well… have you been successful in securing private money yet? Hmmm… If you’re talking to potential private money lenders but you just haven’t been able to get any of them to commit to lending you funds for your next deal… the problem [...]

Getting Financing For Your Real Estate Deals

As you probably know… I’m going through the process of buying my first home with my wife… I’ve owned rental property since I was 21 and in college but it just hasn’t made sense for us to buy a house yet. So, here’s the deal… Not bragging at all… but my wife and I have [...]

Private Money Lenders – How To Find, Market To, and Secure Private Money Lenders…

A huge question that almost all new real estate investors have is "How do I ifnd money for my real estate investing deals? ". And… ineveitbly the second question that new investors ask is "How do I find private money lenders and why would they want to lend money to me? ". Well… both of [...]

Home Equity Line of Credits Frozen By Morgan Stanley

So, what happens when you own a property that has $50,000  in equity and your lender won’t let you tap into that equity with a home equity line of credit? Well… that’s the question that a bunch of property owners are asking themselves right now because Morgan Stanley just announced this move to thousands of [...]

Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter… 269 and Counting…

As you might know… I was marketing for a mortgage lender a few years back and got to see the beginnings of the mortgage meltdown firsthand. It was weird… one month the company I was marketing for had all kinds of lending programs and we had dozens of wholesale lenders calling us and stopping in [...]

How This Guy Has Got Several Million in Private Money for Real Estate…

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet… having capital available (other than your own) is a necessity for real estate investors. How many times have you come across deals that you would have bought up in a second if you just had the money?  Probably more than you can count. How many times have [...]

Finding Private Lending In Today’s Market… How Easy Is It??

Okay, I’m just getting settled down from the weekend.  The 4th was a blast (as always), my birthday was yesterday (notch another one on the belt), and late last week I chatted with some awesome real estate investors who are making it happen. Anyhow, one of the investors I’ve been chatting with is a young [...]

A Chilling Look Behind the Mortgage Crisis…

UPDATE: Thanks Andy for the heads up on the podcast link not working. It looks like they changed the link on me over the weekend… but I hunted down the new link and updated the links below w/ the correct link. Enjoy. I’m not even sure how I came across this podcast … but I [...]

Top 4 Ways the Fed Rate Cut Helps Real Estate Investors

A ton of people are saying that the recent .75% Fed rate cut doesn’t help out real estate investors a whole lot… I beg to differ. For those real estate investors who learn how to adapt and find opportunities… instead of complain and find reasons why they aren’t successful… this rate cut can be a [...]

Feds Cut Rate – Finally Bernanke tries to stay ahead of the curve…

Hey all… Quick little post I thought anyone in the real estate industry should know. This morning the Feds Cut the Rate (interest rate that is) .75% in an attempt to rescue the hurting economy. Here’s my question… Why is Bernanke always behind the curve?? He waits too long to raise interest rates (which partially drove [...]

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