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Real Estate Investing News You Can Use

I’m probably a lot like you in that I try to keep up on the news that can affect us as real estate investors.  A couple articles from last week were pretty good so I wanted to pass them along to you. Here they are… let me know your thoughts in the comments area (don’t [...]

Home Equity Line of Credits Frozen By Morgan Stanley

So, what happens when you own a property that has $50,000  in equity and your lender won’t let you tap into that equity with a home equity line of credit? Well… that’s the question that a bunch of property owners are asking themselves right now because Morgan Stanley just announced this move to thousands of [...]

A Chilling Look Behind the Mortgage Crisis…

UPDATE: Thanks Andy for the heads up on the podcast link not working. It looks like they changed the link on me over the weekend… but I hunted down the new link and updated the links below w/ the correct link. Enjoy. I’m not even sure how I came across this podcast … but I [...]

Marketing To Pre-Foreclosures – Why Most People See ZERO Results…

A couple weeks back a reader sent me an email talking about his trials and tribulations in real estate investing and his lack of results from a mailing campaign he did to homeowners in default. I won’t use his name… but here’s a snippet of his email: To tell you the truth, I’ve been majorly [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure Heat Map – Great tool for home buyers and investors…

I’ve been buried so deep in getting the new site design up (this is becoming an epic isn’t it? Wow, didn’t expect a simple site redesign to take so damn long!) and in building my other businesses that I’ve neglected YOU hugely! I’m so sorry . Anyhow, no excuses… Okay, on to some cool stuff. [...]

Recent Survey On self-directed IRA’s is great news for real estate wholesalers…

A friend to our site, Brad Wozny, wrote an interesting blog post today citing a recent survey by Guidant Financial Group that shows some excellent news for savvy real estate investors.  In short, the survey polled 1,000 self-directed IRA owners on how they hoped they would profit the most… 65% said they were thinking about real estate [...]

Tax Consequences of a “Short Sale” of Real Estate vs. Foreclosure

This is one topic that many real estate investors are very confused with and truly don’t understand. With the recent rash of foreclosures and a flood of “real estate investors” running out to do short sales on these properties… real estate investors truly need to know what the implications of a short sale vs. a [...]

Melting mortgage industry – American Home Mortgage shuts down…

As many of you have already hear, one of the well established “Alt-A” lenders in the U.S. recently announced that they are shutting their doors.  Wow!   This market is getting weirder and weirder every second!  It’ll be interesting to see what the heck the mortgage and real estate markets will look like in 12 months [...]

Purchasing real estate subject-to: Real estate investing technique

One of the best ways to acquire real estate is to purchase subject to the existing financing. This allows you to acquire the property without having to go to the bank and beg for money. Also, motivated sellers are more likely to allow you to take over the existing financing because they just want out [...]

Schumer wants government bail out for those in foreclosure… WHAT?!!

I know this is old news, but I just had to put in my 2 cents. Ol’ Mr. Schumer in New York is trying to bring out the proverbial life raft for borrowers in foreclosure and the subprime banks who are the “victims” of the recent rash of defaults (like the nifty graphic I whipped [...]

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