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What Really Holds Back Most Investors… (Not What You Think)

Whenever I hear new and struggling real estate investors and their stories of why they aren’t successful yet… they lay in just 3 categories: Money – They "don’t have enough money" and don’t know where to get it to get going or to get to the next level in real estate. Time – They "don’t [...]

Buildium Review – Online Property Management Software Review

UPDATED REVIEW JANUARY First off, for full transparency we are an affiliate and earn compensation if you choose to get Building (or any software from our reviews) through our links. So do your own research. However, we just want to help you get the right property management software that best fits your goals, which is why [...] Review Online Property Management Software

*********************** NOTE: Since we have done our review of we have seen their service decline and the following review no longer is our opinion.  If you are managing or own 10+ rental properties and are looking for a solid property management software… we’d suggest you check out one of our other reviews on web [...]

Hire A Property Management Company or Manage Rentals Yourself??

Readers like you send in dozens of emails a week to me asking specific questions to help them reach their real estate investing goals. We get to them as soon as we can… and often post the questions and answers on the blog for others to learn from. Anyhow, a reader named Brett emailed us [...]

Quicken Rental Property Manager 2009 Review – With Discount Links

************************************* NOTE: Quicken has come out with a new version of Quicken Rental Property Manager. Check out our full and updated review of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 to get the full video review and walkthrough. ************************************* A couple weeks ago I got two emails from readers asking me about the new Quicken Rental Property [...]

Rental Property Inspection Move In Move Out Form

This is for all you landlords (aka income property owners) out there… and if you’re not using something like this… you’re placing yourself at a financial risk. Rental Property Inspection Move In Move Out Form Head on over to the main site to grab the download of the Move In Move Out Form and put [...]

Choosing Great Investment Properties – 4 Factors To Look For

When you boil it down… it is really a pretty simple formula to finding great real estate investment properties. You can confuse yourself with all of the minutia, but really there are 4 simple things that you should be aware of when looking for great investment properties . Brad Wozny explains in this quick article [...]

Tenant File Software Questions and Answers

Ever since we started to do property management software reviews way back in January of this year we’ve been getting a ton of emails from readers asking specific questions about property management softwares… and even about specific softwares like Quicken Rental Property , Tenant File , Landlord Max , etc. Anyhow, since I’m sure a [...]

How To Crack Your Local Real Estate Market…

If you want to invest in real estate successfully, you need to do your research and avoid cheap properties or speculation. You also need to invest in the long term for the best success in growing your investment empire. If you want to start investing in local real estate investment properties , take some advice [...]

*UPDATED* Tenant File 8.0 Property Management Software Review – In Depth Video Review

Tenant File is one of the more popular property management softwares out there… here I do an in-depth video and written review on Tenant File… and provide a discount I was able to negotiate for you if it’s the right software for your business.

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