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June 2010 Real Estate Statistics and Indicators Report

Research and data analysis is a part of the real estate business and there’s no way to get around it. Even if you’re not a numbers person, you need to do this integral part of the job so you don’t make any serious investment mistakes. In this latest report by John Burns, he talks about [...]

April 2010 Real Estate Report

When was the last time you asked your target market what they wanted or needed? By spending a little bit of time asking simple questions, you can learn a ton of information about your market and become the expert problem solver for them. In this latest report from John Burns Consulting, a case study about [...]

U.S. Building Intelligence Report for February 2010

Statistics is not something I enjoy analyzing so I’m really glad the John Burns Consulting team does it for me! These reports provides the best overall analysis of the economic factors that affect our real estate market across the country. Of course, there might be some minor differences in our own markets but it’s important [...]

Top 3 Cities For The Most Affordable Real Estate…

With the recent slump in the real estate market as a result of foreclosures , the mortgage crisis , etc… there are some pretty damn good deals to be had out there by both real estate investors and home buyers. While some cities around the U.S. are still relatively strong as far as home prices… [...]

July 2008 Local Real Estate Market Statistics Report

uly is almost gone and here are the local real estate market statistics and indicators for real estate markets around the United States. Nothing has changed too big from June to July … but you will see an overall trend that all in all housing prices are staying relatively constant and falling slightly in most [...]

July 2008 Housing and Real Estate Market Statistics

It’s that time again!  Real Estate Market Statistics for July are here! It looks like the housing supply is still pretty high, which is of course pushing the declining home prices in many of the nations markets; however, listings have actually dropped in many of the areas markets that matter. These stats aren’t a big [...]

Real Estate Market Statistics June 2008 – Housing Market Stats

Image by Getty Images via Daylife July is almost here… and the June 2008 Real Estate Market Stat report is here too! The one thing that you’ll notice from this months real estate market stat report is that housing didn’t take as much of a hit as the media has been reporting.  Really, it’s not [...]

10 Most Appreciating Real Estate Markets – Summer 2008

Whoa! It’s been over a week since my last article… how time flies by when business is pumping! I’m always a pretty positive guy and hate it when people start off in any discussion by looking at the negatives. There’s just too much negative talk out there in today’s real estate market … especially when [...]

Real Estate Market Statistics May 2008 – Local

Okay… it’s that time again.  Here are your Real Estate Market Statistics and Indicators for May 2008 .  With our new (and long… long… long… awaited) website redesign almost done we’re changing the way the content published on our site and blog. So, from here on out… the "meaty" content will be a part of [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure Heat Map – Great tool for home buyers and investors…

I’ve been buried so deep in getting the new site design up (this is becoming an epic isn’t it? Wow, didn’t expect a simple site redesign to take so damn long!) and in building my other businesses that I’ve neglected YOU hugely! I’m so sorry . Anyhow, no excuses… Okay, on to some cool stuff. [...]

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