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Than Merrill’s 6 Steps To Finding Probate Leads Easily and Cheaply (free)

Okay, one of the most "mysterious" parts of running a successful business that separates the successful people from the unsuccessful is none other than marketing. That’s the main differentiator… those who know how to generate qualified leads for their business (whether it’s real estate investing or any other business) will be much more successful than [...]

Postlets – Mass Classified Ad Posting Service For Real Estate Investors

Okay, I may be a bit late in the game here… but I just found out about Postlets . I know… I know… it’s been around for a while and a ton of other websites have talked about them. But… I guess I was just too darn busy and never came across it until a [...]

Marketing To Pre-Foreclosures – Why Most People See ZERO Results…

A couple weeks back a reader sent me an email talking about his trials and tribulations in real estate investing and his lack of results from a mailing campaign he did to homeowners in default. I won’t use his name… but here’s a snippet of his email: To tell you the truth, I’ve been majorly [...]

Systematize Your Real Estate Birddog Recruiting and Management

I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! I know I ate way too much… but I had a great time visiting family that I haven’t seen in months. Anyhow… One of the best FREE ways to market for real estate investing is by recruiting people to go out and find deals for you. Many people [...]

Real estate investing marketing tips – easiest way to market your REI biz

The biggest problem over and above the “mind game” that real estate investors face is getting enough quality leads. Now, let’s get down to some of the basics of marketing and get your first bit of effective marketing out there to the public generating qualified leads.  Probably the first bit of marketing you should employ [...]

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