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Self Improvement Tip of The Week – Discover your passion for life…

If I were to sit down with you and ask you to tell me what you passion for life was… would you truly be able to articulate what your true passion is?  Do you life your passion right now?  Odds are that you don’t.  Most people don’t.  I’m still young and by no means proclaim [...]

Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle… WOW!

This morning I was reading my fellow real estate investing bloggers latest post (thanks jp at flipping homes) and came across an amazingly inspirational video. I know from time to time (actually today I felt this feeling a bit…) I get a bit discouraged and feel like it’s just easier to go half ass at [...]

Self Improvement Tip of the Week – Do you believe in luck?

As a real estate investor in todays real estate markets, many people say that you have to be lucky to be successful.  Is this true? Well, I think that there is a small degree of “luck” involved in parts of any businesses success.  I mean, often times people are in the right time at the [...]

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