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Postlets – Mass Classified Ad Posting Service For Real Estate Investors

Okay, I may be a bit late in the game here… but I just found out about Postlets . I know… I know… it’s been around for a while and a ton of other websites have talked about them. But… I guess I was just too darn busy and never came across it until a [...]

Keeping Financials for A Real Estate Investing Biz… You’re Doing it Right???

For some people keeping your financials for your REI biz is easy and comes second nature. For me… I’d rather focus on marketing and sometimes forget about keeping the financials for my businesses because it’s something that I don’t enjoy doing. Financials are of course important for tax reasons… but are also vital for the [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure Heat Map – Great tool for home buyers and investors…

I’ve been buried so deep in getting the new site design up (this is becoming an epic isn’t it? Wow, didn’t expect a simple site redesign to take so damn long!) and in building my other businesses that I’ve neglected YOU hugely! I’m so sorry . Anyhow, no excuses… Okay, on to some cool stuff. [...]

Real Tools Property Management Software – In depth review…

Okay, here we are again with another property management software review. As you know, this whole series was spurred on by a few readers who emailed me asking about property management software for their own real estate investing businesses. This is our 5th review in the series. Up to this point we’ve reviewed: Quicken Rental [...]

Roboform – Helping you be more efficient online…

How about that Superbowl? Great game huh? I really could have gone either way… I don’t particularly love either team… and it would have been cool seeing either team win. On one hand the Patriots had the chance to go 19-0 which is amazing. On the other hand it was kinda cool to see the [...]

Landlord Max Property Rental Management Software Review

Hey, I hope 2008 is going great so far! This year should be a great year to buy up a bunch of property below market value. That’s my goal this year! Anyhow… Last week we reviewed Quicken Rental Property Management 2.5 (we have a new Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 review up now) software for [...]

Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.5 In-depth Review

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: 6/2010: You may or may not know… but Quicken just launched their NEW version Quicken Rental Property Manager, called Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 .  So, version 2.5 is now out of date.  We just finished up the review for Quicken Rental Property Manager 2009 … so click that link to head over [...]

Free Eviction Form – Eviction Letter to The Tenant

We’re always out to give away free real estate investing forms and other stuff… Over here at The REI Brain we are out to "move the FREE line". What does that mean? Simple. We give away a ton of very valuable real estate investing, life success, and business building stuff that real investors use everyday… [...]

Systematize Your Real Estate Birddog Recruiting and Management

I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! I know I ate way too much… but I had a great time visiting family that I haven’t seen in months. Anyhow… One of the best FREE ways to market for real estate investing is by recruiting people to go out and find deals for you. Many people [...]

Short Sale Negotiation – How can you outsource it?

One of the parts of doing a real estate short sale  that is like pulling teeth for many real estate investors is the negotiation process. By nature people are non-confrontational.  Negotiation is a form of confrontation… whether you want to believe it or not. Some people are good at turning this confrontation into a stressless [...]

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