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New Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 Full Video Review And $50 Coupon

I  just added the Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 review over at the main site and, overall, I was very happy with its upgraded features from the 2009 version of Quicken Rental Manager. Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 is pretty darn easy to use, even if you aren’t tech savvy. It has a way to [...]

Doug Fath Reviews – Student Housing Program

Alrighty… alrighty… enough already! Over here at TheREIBrain we are well known for doing full and as unbiased reviews as we can possibly do… so after we started to get several emails from readers and subscribers about doing a Doug Fath review on his new Doug Fath Student Housing program he’s launching this week… we [...]

Appfolio Property Manager Software Review and Bonus

I just added the AppFolio Property Manager Software review over at the main site and, let me tell you, it’s an amazing piece of software! AppFolio is an extremely comprehensive property management software with all the bells and whistles, perfect for property managers who have more than 200 units. My video review is about 32 [...]

Freedomsoft Software by Preston Ely – Video Review, Pros, Cons, Discounts

Been getting all of the emails and hype about Freedomsoft Software recently? Ya, you’re not alone. Here’s an email that we got in here at theREIbrain last week that spurred on this review that we’re doing for Freedomsoft this next week: “Hi Trevor, first, I really appreciate your free content you guys always put out [...]

New Rentometer Property Management Software Video Review

If you’re looking for a web-based property management solution, check out our RentometerPro Video Review. Overall this is a great site for those with fewer than 10 units, they have a great user-friendly dashboard, and since it’s web-based, you can log in from any computer any where in the world. The video is about 21 [...]

Richard Roop Free and Clear Cash Machine Honest Review

Hey, Whew! It’s almost 90 degrees today and there isn’t a cloud in sight!  Finally… summer is here My wife and I just got back from a 5 day camping trip w/ the family last week and I feel refreshed as heck. We caught some fish… We went for a great bike ride (I got [...]

Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profit System Reviews

READ THIS IF YOU’RE TRYING TO CONTACT JEFF ADAMS FORECLOSURE PROFITS SYSTEM SUPPORT NOTE: First, our company is NOT related to Jeff Adams Foreclosure Profits Systems in any way.  We’ve been getting a lot of people emailing us and calling our number thinking that we are related to Jeff Adams and his Foreclosure Profits company [...]

Gerald Romine Review of his Ultimate Real Estate System 2.0 – Unbiased review

Hola… Long story short… I wasn’t going to make this video for you but several readers emailed me wanting my take on Gerald Romine’s UREI 2.0 software that launched last week. It’s closing down this week some time so if you’re at all wanting to systematize your REI biz, your short sales, your REO’s, etc. [...]

Short Sale Success Blueprint – Free Home Study Course and Stuff…

The last week has been crazy around here for several reasons. One, we held that private money workshop last week and it went awesome… but we’re working hard to get another live workshop up next week for those who weren’t able to make it. Two, I’ve been working hard to systematize my businesses as much [...]

Probates By Preston Ely Course – Why It’s NOT Worth $297 bucks…

In late May Preston Ely launched his Probates By Preston course .  There was a big ol’ hoopla around the course and it sold out in something like 4 or 5 hours (about 500 courses sold).   If you’re on any of the real estate “guru” email lists out there you’ve probably already gotten a ton [...]

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