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Bulk REO Properties – Is the “bulk” REO deal a myth?

In "my other life" I run a direct response marketing agency (fun stuff!) and one of my clients just happens to be in the real estate game as well. I guess that’s why we hit it off and he has been a client of mine for about 6 months now. Anyhow, my client is one [...]

Landflip – Selling or Buying Land Anytime Soon??

For all of you aspiring land barons out there there’s an awesome resource that you should know about in the land selling and buying world. I actually came across this site about a year ago somehow (I don’t remember how…) and to tell you the truth didn’t really think a whole lot of it. The [...]

San Fransisco median home prices up… sales down… what gives??

So, the median home prices in San Fransisco are up lately… but the sales are down? Doesn’t this kind of buck the age old economic principle of supply and demand? When there’s less demand aren’t prices supposed to go down as well? That’s what I learned in Economics 101 way back in my college days [...]

Huge Real Estate Investment Incentives in the Go Zone for Investors

By now you have probably heard the term “Go Zone” tossed around in the real estate investing world in the past few years.  So, what is this “Go Zone” and why should you know about it? In basic terms, the Go Zone’s are the areas affected by natural disasters such as hurricane Rita, Wilma, Katrina, [...]

Outrageous real estate – Underwater living at its finest!

Here’s another addition of our Outrageous real estate series.  This one is pretty cool (you should check out these places!). Some people say that underwater living is the ‘wave’ of the future, especially with global warming melting the icecaps and less buildable land available every day.  I stumbled upon these two high dollar underwater developments [...]

Outrageous real estate! – Underground mansions

For all you real estate investors out there who like a unique property every now and then, boy do I have some properties for you… … How about grabbing yourself an out of commission underground Missile Base! Here are some happy new missile base owners right in their luxuriously long haulway. I came across a website that specializes in selling [...]

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