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7 Tips On How You Can Sell Your House In Todays Market

I get literally hundreds of emails a day throughout all of my email accounts for my companies and I do my best to go through them all and answer them individually.  If you sent in a question and haven’t gotten an answer yet hold tight… I’ll get to ya! Anyhow, I got a question in [...]

Using Video For Real Estate Investors and Growing Your Wealth

Savvy real estate investors are increasingly using video applications to promote their properties and investment businesses. Videos – whether simple online videos made up from individual photos or professional-shot HD videos – allow professionals to target Gen X and Gen Y customers and provide lots of marketing options as well. If you want to sell [...]

1031 Exchange Important Factors To Consider

For many real estate investors, the 1031 exchange is an important part of your overall investment strategy.  What better way is there to defer capital gains tax and continually "trade up" to properties that better fit your investment strategy? 1031 exchange expert Grant Conness of is now our resident 1031 exchange expert here at [...]

Probates By Preston Ely Course – Why It’s NOT Worth $297 bucks…

In late May Preston Ely launched his Probates By Preston course .  There was a big ol’ hoopla around the course and it sold out in something like 4 or 5 hours (about 500 courses sold).   If you’re on any of the real estate “guru” email lists out there you’ve probably already gotten a ton [...]

Choosing Great Investment Properties – 4 Factors To Look For

When you boil it down… it is really a pretty simple formula to finding great real estate investment properties. You can confuse yourself with all of the minutia, but really there are 4 simple things that you should be aware of when looking for great investment properties . Brad Wozny explains in this quick article [...]

How To Crack Your Local Real Estate Market…

If you want to invest in real estate successfully, you need to do your research and avoid cheap properties or speculation. You also need to invest in the long term for the best success in growing your investment empire. If you want to start investing in local real estate investment properties , take some advice [...]

Bulk REO Properties – Is the “bulk” REO deal a myth?

In "my other life" I run a direct response marketing agency (fun stuff!) and one of my clients just happens to be in the real estate game as well. I guess that’s why we hit it off and he has been a client of mine for about 6 months now. Anyhow, my client is one [...]

Here’s an REO Deal I Just Closed… and How I Did It…

NOTE: If you’re looking for the wholesale real estate courses that I recommend… scroll to the bottom.  There are two great real estate wholesaling courses.  One I recommend is just $50 (best ebook on wholesaling I’ve ever read)… and the other is a great home study course (just $297).  I’ve reviewed about 2 dozen wholesaling [...]

“How Do I Find Cash Buyers??” – A readers question answered…

Over the past 3 weeks we’ve been getting a ton of emails from our readers and newsletter subscribers (if you haven’t subscribed… fill in the box at the top of the page… IT’S FREE!). A bunch of them have been regarding our property management software reviews … and several have been on specific real estate [...]

Donald Trump: “We’re almost in a depression… now’s the time to buy real estate”…

Yesterday I was watching Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money“. Cramer is a crazy guy… but he knows his stuff. On the show he interviewed the Donald, who had some revealing words to say about the economy and the real estate market. Here’s the video: ==> Trump Video In short, Trump says that we are in a [...]

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