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Real Estate Asset Protection Free Webinar

I’ve been going through the "Ask Page" questions (the page you see when you opted into our newsletter)… and I tell you… I’m way the heck behind. Something like 167 unanswered questions in there I haven’t gotten to yet… so I’m trying to get through them in between my other businesses and enjoying life. So, [...]

What Really Holds Back Most Investors… (Not What You Think)

Whenever I hear new and struggling real estate investors and their stories of why they aren’t successful yet… they lay in just 3 categories: Money – They "don’t have enough money" and don’t know where to get it to get going or to get to the next level in real estate. Time – They "don’t [...]

Using Virtual Assistants For Real Estate Investing

Here’s a quick video for you walking you through a few websites that you can find great virtual assistants for your real estate investing business . Yesterday Tim Mai (a full-time investor from Texas who uses virtual assistants) put out his first video for his new product launch coming out.  I haven’t got my copy [...]

The Story of Two Real Estate Flippers…

I really debated on whether to post this little "story" that Preston sent me… but the underlying story is SO important to your success, especially today… that I just HAD to get it out to ya.  In Preston’s true style… learn about the tale of two flippers… (make sure to make it all the way… [...]

Online Real Estate Investor “Reality Show”… Check it out…

Every now and then I come across something really cool, informational, and from great people… that I just can’t NOT tell you about it. This is one of those times. Real Estate Investor Reality TV… Online… You’ve heard of "Flip This House" and "Flip That House" on TV… well, the internet has a new show [...]

Newbie Investor Makes $15,000 Assignment Fee w/ Marketing Trick…

Hey, we just posted a great short article that has at least 2 good tips that you can put to practice in your real estate investing business today. The article shows how a new investor made a quick $15,000 real estate assignment fee by using a simple little "trick" on the top of his postcards… [...]

1031 Exchange Important Factors To Consider

For many real estate investors, the 1031 exchange is an important part of your overall investment strategy.  What better way is there to defer capital gains tax and continually "trade up" to properties that better fit your investment strategy? 1031 exchange expert Grant Conness of is now our resident 1031 exchange expert here at [...]

Private Money Lenders – How To Find, Market To, and Secure Private Money Lenders…

A huge question that almost all new real estate investors have is "How do I ifnd money for my real estate investing deals? ". And… ineveitbly the second question that new investors ask is "How do I find private money lenders and why would they want to lend money to me? ". Well… both of [...]

Top 3 Cities For The Most Affordable Real Estate…

With the recent slump in the real estate market as a result of foreclosures , the mortgage crisis , etc… there are some pretty damn good deals to be had out there by both real estate investors and home buyers. While some cities around the U.S. are still relatively strong as far as home prices… [...]

Choosing Great Investment Properties – 4 Factors To Look For

When you boil it down… it is really a pretty simple formula to finding great real estate investment properties. You can confuse yourself with all of the minutia, but really there are 4 simple things that you should be aware of when looking for great investment properties . Brad Wozny explains in this quick article [...]

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