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Real Estate Building Statistics February 2011

Want some good news? There’s some increased job growth in the Washington DC, Phoenix, Orlando and Texas markets. Investors are doing a good job at purchasing, refurbishing, and renting properties in the Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando markets. There are fewer houses on the market in the western states, which can only help the [...]

Real Estate Building Statistics December 2010

Since we don’t have any magic genies who are able to magically tell us when the housing market will finally become stable, we have to rely on good ol’ fashioned data to make that analysis. Thankfully, our friends at John Burns Consulting do this type of real estate market analysis for a living. Here’s the [...]

Building Statistics Report November 2010

It will be important for investors to watch what steps our government takes in the upcoming year and if these steps help dig us out of this housing debacle. In the past our elected officials have had a tremendous impact, both negatively and positively, on the housing market and this year is no different. Overall, [...]

September 2010 Real Estate Building Statistics

This month’s report showcases the startling number of homes in foreclosure and in default. The loan modification programs did not eliminate the number of defaults or the number of foreclosures…it just postponed the inevitable. I was also surprised by the stories reported of how people don’t necessarily curb their spending habits, even when they are [...]

August 2010 Real Estate Statistics

Even with a down economy, some investors can still afford to purchase vacation homes. Wealthy Californians have often bought second homes in Arizona and neighboring states but with the weak American dollar, more and more Canadians are investing their money in the weak US marketplace. Maricopa County, Arizona is a popular spot for these jet [...]

June 2010 Real Estate Stats

Most people have the goal of owning their own home; a place they can call their own; an investment in their future. But the percentage of homeowners is down significantly and there are numerous factors that affect homeownership, most of which are out of our control. Understanding these factors and finding ways to work around [...]

June 2010 Real Estate Statistics and Indicators Report

Research and data analysis is a part of the real estate business and there’s no way to get around it. Even if you’re not a numbers person, you need to do this integral part of the job so you don’t make any serious investment mistakes. In this latest report by John Burns, he talks about [...]

April 2010 Real Estate Report

When was the last time you asked your target market what they wanted or needed? By spending a little bit of time asking simple questions, you can learn a ton of information about your market and become the expert problem solver for them. In this latest report from John Burns Consulting, a case study about [...]

April 2010 Real Estate Statistics

The First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit did a lot to bolster real estate activity last fall. But even after the deadline was extended into the spring, activity slowed down. In this latest report from John Burns Consulting, their research shows there’s still too much economic and job insecurity for people to think about purchasing [...]

March 2010 Real Estate Statistics Report

Statistics is not something I enjoy analyzing so I’m really glad the John Burns Consulting team does it for me! These reports provides the best overall analysis of the economic factors that affect our real estate market across the country. Of course, there might be some minor differences in our own markets but it’s important [...]

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