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May 2009 Real Estate Statistics and Indicators Report

Hey everyone… we’re well into the 2nd quarter of 2009 and the real estate market is starting to show signs of improvement in some areas. Inventories are shrinking in some areas (and not in others)… and some of the “early mover” markets like cities in California and Las Vegas are slowly but surely starting to [...]

Using Virtual Assistants For Real Estate Investing

Here’s a quick video for you walking you through a few websites that you can find great virtual assistants for your real estate investing business . Yesterday Tim Mai (a full-time investor from Texas who uses virtual assistants) put out his first video for his new product launch coming out.  I haven’t got my copy [...]

The Story of Two Real Estate Flippers…

I really debated on whether to post this little "story" that Preston sent me… but the underlying story is SO important to your success, especially today… that I just HAD to get it out to ya.  In Preston’s true style… learn about the tale of two flippers… (make sure to make it all the way… [...]

Online Real Estate Investor “Reality Show”… Check it out…

Every now and then I come across something really cool, informational, and from great people… that I just can’t NOT tell you about it. This is one of those times. Real Estate Investor Reality TV… Online… You’ve heard of "Flip This House" and "Flip That House" on TV… well, the internet has a new show [...]

Choosing Great Investment Properties – 4 Factors To Look For

When you boil it down… it is really a pretty simple formula to finding great real estate investment properties. You can confuse yourself with all of the minutia, but really there are 4 simple things that you should be aware of when looking for great investment properties . Brad Wozny explains in this quick article [...]

Beginning In Real Estate Investing – Paying The Hard Price For…

Why is the world the way it is? Well… here’s one answer. Because there are people who make things happen by doing what needs to be done and never taking NO for an asnwer… paying their dues along the way and never expecting anything to be given to them. And… There are people out there [...]

Independence Day Isn’t All About Hot Dogs, Fireworks, and Parties…

What does Independence Day mean to you? Is it all about fireworks, hitting the lake, and fun? Or… Do you really take the time to think about that word… "independence" ? Back in the 1700′s the U.S.A. didn’t exist and we were ruled by another country… basically… we followed THEIR rules and did what they [...]

Keeping Financials for A Real Estate Investing Biz… You’re Doing it Right???

For some people keeping your financials for your REI biz is easy and comes second nature. For me… I’d rather focus on marketing and sometimes forget about keeping the financials for my businesses because it’s something that I don’t enjoy doing. Financials are of course important for tax reasons… but are also vital for the [...]

Marketing To Pre-Foreclosures – Why Most People See ZERO Results…

A couple weeks back a reader sent me an email talking about his trials and tribulations in real estate investing and his lack of results from a mailing campaign he did to homeowners in default. I won’t use his name… but here’s a snippet of his email: To tell you the truth, I’ve been majorly [...]

I won a trip to Orlando… and how this applies to YOUR real estate success…

I had to take a couple minutes out of my crazy day to tell you a bit of good news (for me anyway!).On Tuesday I found out that I won a paid trip to Orlando to a week long business building event put on by Rich Schefren. If you haven’t heard of Rich, he’s one [...]

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