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7 Tips On How You Can Sell Your House In Todays Market

I get literally hundreds of emails a day throughout all of my email accounts for my companies and I do my best to go through them all and answer them individually.  If you sent in a question and haven’t gotten an answer yet hold tight… I’ll get to ya! Anyhow, I got a question in [...]

Real Estate Agents Are Really Going Green… (you have to see this one)

Okay, this post is going to be short and sweet… and shows how much realtors are desparate to get houses sold in todays market. My wife and I are looking for a house right now… so I know first hand how many houses there are out there right now… and how much a nice back [...]

Selling Houses In a Real Estate Downturn… Here’s a way…

Hey all… We’re now at the end of another month and Christmas is just around the corner.  I can’t believe it’s here already.  It seems like not too long ago when the housing market was hot (around the whole country) and houses were selling like crazy! But… that’s the way an economy goes.  Without the [...]

Short Sale Negotiation – How can you outsource it?

One of the parts of doing a real estate short sale  that is like pulling teeth for many real estate investors is the negotiation process. By nature people are non-confrontational.  Negotiation is a form of confrontation… whether you want to believe it or not. Some people are good at turning this confrontation into a stressless [...]

The 1031 exchange as a real estate investing tool…

As a real estate investor you most definetely have (or shoud have!) heard of the 1031 exchange. If you haven’t heard of a 1031 exchange, I would suggest studying up on this capital gains deferral strategy even if you don’t plan to use it in the near future. I may be biased, because I love [...]

Tax Consequences of a “Short Sale” of Real Estate vs. Foreclosure

This is one topic that many real estate investors are very confused with and truly don’t understand. With the recent rash of foreclosures and a flood of “real estate investors” running out to do short sales on these properties… real estate investors truly need to know what the implications of a short sale vs. a [...]

Just a bit of “pre-launch” info – Top 9 Ways to Sell Real Estate

I just wanted to write this quick little note here to let you know about an awesome resource we are getting ready to roll out to the public. As you might know, I am the vice president of a national company called Settlement Professionals Inc. The division I head up helps sellers of appreciated real [...]

3 buyer types to stay away from

When selling your home or investment property, some buyers you come across may become a big pain in the a$$ later on.  I was reading an article on the WSJ Real Estate section that clues sellers in on the 3 buyer types to stay away from.  These 3 buyer types can sap up your time [...]

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