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Independence Day Isn’t All About Hot Dogs, Fireworks, and Parties…

What does Independence Day mean to you? Is it all about fireworks, hitting the lake, and fun? Or… Do you really take the time to think about that word… "independence" ? Back in the 1700′s the U.S.A. didn’t exist and we were ruled by another country… basically… we followed THEIR rules and did what they [...]

Part of Life Success… and why we invest in real estate

Every now and then we really have an epiphany and realize what’s important to us in life. I actually have these all of the time… and just want to ask something from my readers this week. Yes, tomorrow is Valentines Day… but holidays shouldn’t be the only times we take to let our friends and [...]

The 4 Ways a Successful Real Estate Investor Sets Goals

NOTE: For an updated review on Brad Wozny as of September 2009 please see our most recent post on our blog about Brad and his new “Six Figure Syndication” system… and why it may not be worth the price. Go here if you’re looking for a Brad Wozny review << ———————- Yep… not all goals [...]

How a father of 4 w/ a full-time job makes it in real estate investing…

If only real estate investing success was as simple as knowing how to invest in real estate    I mean… if everyone could just read a book or a website, go out the next day… and make $25,000 in real estate this would be so simple! By now… you should know it’s NOT THAT WAY! [...]

Why Almost Everyone Struggles More Than They Should in REI

I just got back yesterday from a weekend at the Oregon coast in Lincoln City with my wife and some college friends.  It was a blast… but the weather really blew (litterally… the wind gusts hit 80 mph!).  Anyhow, in the past 30 days I have only worked for 3.5 days (including today) because of a [...]

6 steps to success – achieving your goals one step at a time

Do you want to know one of the easiest and most effective “tricks” to getting more done and staying on track to your goals? I’m sure you do… Now, this “trick” works extremely well for many people and not so well for others.  The ones it works well for are the ones that actually use it   [...]

Self Improvement Tip of The Week – Discover your passion for life…

If I were to sit down with you and ask you to tell me what you passion for life was… would you truly be able to articulate what your true passion is?  Do you life your passion right now?  Odds are that you don’t.  Most people don’t.  I’m still young and by no means proclaim [...]

Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle… WOW!

This morning I was reading my fellow real estate investing bloggers latest post (thanks jp at flipping homes) and came across an amazingly inspirational video. I know from time to time (actually today I felt this feeling a bit…) I get a bit discouraged and feel like it’s just easier to go half ass at [...]

Self Improvement Tip of the Week – Do you believe in luck?

As a real estate investor in todays real estate markets, many people say that you have to be lucky to be successful.  Is this true? Well, I think that there is a small degree of “luck” involved in parts of any businesses success.  I mean, often times people are in the right time at the [...]

Self Improvement Tip of the Week: Are you going to be disappointed?

Are you going to be disappointed 20,30,40 years from now?   ”Why what do you mean Trevor? When you look back on your life 20 years from now… … will you be disappointed with what you’re looking at? Of course, right now you’ll hope that you won’t be disappointed.  >>> LET’S FACE THE COLD HARD FACTS [...]

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