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Real Estate Asset Protection Free Webinar

I’ve been going through the "Ask Page" questions (the page you see when you opted into our newsletter)… and I tell you… I’m way the heck behind. Something like 167 unanswered questions in there I haven’t gotten to yet… so I’m trying to get through them in between my other businesses and enjoying life. So, [...]

Capital Gains Tax Rates – State by State – Updated 12/12

One of the “unknowns” in the real estate investing world is the topic of caital gains… in particular… the capital gains tax rates that you and are are subject to. Truthfully… I’m not sure why I didn’t write a post about this earlier… afterall, I come from the world of tax planning and am the [...]

Saving capital gains tax is as easy as…

I know… I know… It’s been a few weeks since the last time I updated the blog, but it’s been for good reason. NO, I’m not stopping the blog or throwing it by the wayside… I’m just getting some big projects I have been working on out of the way before I begin posting daily [...]

So… it’s tax day. How did the tax man treat you this year?

In case your head has been buried in the sand somewhere in the Middle East… today is tax day! If you haven’t already done your taxes… you best be filing that extension or getting them done today. Well… for all of us who have already done our taxes… how’d the tax man treat you this [...]

Huge Real Estate Investment Incentives in the Go Zone for Investors

By now you have probably heard the term “Go Zone” tossed around in the real estate investing world in the past few years.  So, what is this “Go Zone” and why should you know about it? In basic terms, the Go Zone’s are the areas affected by natural disasters such as hurricane Rita, Wilma, Katrina, [...]

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