Hard Money Lenders

Often times people have a difficult time finding a good hard money lending source.  We hard money lendinghave gathered a large resource of hard money lenders so you can browse through it and find what you are looking for.

Some lenders have smaller minimums than others, so be sure to refer to our list below to find out the basic particulars for each lender.

Also, if you have a hard money lender that is not in this list, please go to our Contact page and let us know about the lender so we can let other investors know as well.

Hard money lenders are broken down by state so you can find the lenders who are currently lending in your state.


** This page shows hard money lenders in states starting with the letter ”A”.  For other states, click the corresponding link below. (be patient, we’re hunting down the rest of the hard money lenders as we speak so we can put them here for you)

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Alabama -

Name of Lender Min. Max Website
Paramount Funding
70k 5m www.paramount-funding.com
Tribeca Lending Corp.
100k 2m www.tribecalending.com
Meridian Group
150k 3.2m 800-901-9301
100k 1m www.tryEZloan.com
Eastern Savings Bank FSB
150k 22m www.easternsavingsbank.com
Warsowe Financial Group (dba of Point Fourteen Corp.)
100k 5m www.warsowe.com
Rehab Funding
30k 1m www.rehabfunding.com

Alaska -

Name of Lender Min. Max Website
Seattle Funding Group Ltd.
100k 5m www.sfgfunds.com
100k 1m www.tryEZloan.com
HS Funding Group Inc.
50k 100m www.hsfundinggroup.com
Brookview Financial
25k 2m www.brookviewfinancial.com
EquityMax Inc.
40k 1m www.equitymaxinc.com
United Equity Funding LLP
10k 4m www.myuef.com

Arizona -

Name of Lender Min. Max Website
Paramount Funding
70k 5m www.paramount-funding.com
Sawgrass Funding LLC
100k 1m www.sawgrassfunding.com
100k 1m www.tryEZloan.com
Hard Money King
10k 10m www.hardmoneyking.com
Hard Money Specialist
100k 3m www.perriechlin.com

(others upon request….)

Arkansas -

Name of Lender Min. Max Website
Seattle Funding Group Ltd. of Arizona
100k 5m www.sfgfunds.com
Paramount Funding
70k 5m www.paramount-funding.com
Sawgrass Funding LLC
100k 1m www.sawgrassfunding.com
100k 1m www.tryEZloan.com
EquityMax Inc.
40k 1m www.equitymaxinc.com
Rehab Funding
30k 1m www.rehabfunding.com

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  1. I’m trying to get to the other state listings. How do I do that?

  2. Hey Eartis,

    Thanks for the note.

    Actually, we’re working on that as we speak… the last few months have been hectic w/ the new site design launch… so this project had to go on the back burner.

    Join our newsletter and I’ll shoot out a note to everyone through the newsletter when the complete hard money lender database is ready.

    Chat soon,

    – Trevor

  3. Do you have a hard money list for Nevada. Thanks

  4. Do you have a list for Ohio?

  5. do you have a hawaii list and a texas list?

  6. Do you have a hardmoney list for Michigan?

  7. Is there a list for Louisiana????

  8. Hey Don,

    We haven’t got to Louisiana yet… hopefully we’ll get it up in the first quarter of the year.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    - Trevor

  9. Looking for a lender in Michigan.

  10. Looking for hard moneylenders in MA or CT

  11. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    We’re actually in the process of getting the new list of hard lenders up… hopefully in a month or so.

    Check back soon,

    - Trevor

  12. Looking for HM lenders in Texas.

  13. Do you have anything for Fla. yet?

  14. I’m looking for an invester to help me purchase properties to sell to people on lease options in Michigan. Lots of deals here but banks aren’t letting go of our tax monies they received. I have a realator receiving calls from people asking for lease options. Thanks

  15. Trying to get a list for California if possible…?

  16. Looking for HM lenders for georgia

  17. Do you have a current list in California of hard money lenders?

  18. Looking for hard money lenders in PA

  19. we lend in GA. What are you looking for?

  20. Do you have a list of hard money lenders doing business in MA?

  21. Hello:

    I’ve asked a few different people this one with no reply,
    but you seem like you could help……
    Do I need a hard money lender in the state where I live
    or the state of the property (and why)?


    p/s I tried to opt in on the free e-mail course
    but nothing happpened when I clicked e-button?!?

  22. Do you have anything for Minnesota? Thank you.



  24. Looking for Hard Money Lenders in Colorado. Thank you

    Bryan Carter

    Residential investments

  25. Looking for a list of hard money lenders in PA.

    Thank you.

  26. Will your lenders finance apartments?

  27. OK, now that you’ve got my name and email, how about giving me a few names in Fl…

  28. Looking For Hard Money Lender in St Louis mo. Home Worth $229.000 & Need to borrow $117,000 Dollars.Thanks 314-440-7538

  29. Looking for hard money linders in Louisiana that are willing to invest in 1st time real estate investors.

  30. Looking for lenders in Greenville, Sc

  31. Need California Please

  32. Need Oklshoma please

  33. Hey,
    Your last post to this list is almost 2 years old. Are you still active?
    Sawgrassfunding.com is bankrupt and there are other funders on the existing list that no longer have websites. I’ve read through a lot of your stuff and it is very useful, but I’m concerned that it’s not current.

  34. Hey Melissa, hmmmm…. the last post is 2 years old??? We post about 10 – 15 new posts a month on our site… check out http://www.thereibrain.com and our blog main page http://www.thereibrain.com/realestate-blog .

    As for the hard money lenders… yes, that list is updated as users email in the lenders. We’ll update it asap to take out the ones that it looks like are out of biz. Thanks for the heads up!

    - REIBrain

  35. i am looking for hard money lenders in Ma

  36. Thanks to the ecomony we are between a rock and hard place. We have rental homes in MI that we dont have much trouble renting BUT we purchased a home on a small 95 acre lake 4 years ago with a 3 year pay off. Ecomoney has damaged our credit and we need a loan of $34,000 by Feb. 24th or 25th or we will loose our home. The home is worth twice what we owe and no one will help. We are willing to sign a 2-3 year land contract @9% until we can find a buyer with no luck so far. Any one interested? kettlerbrttybob@juno.com

  37. Looking for rehab loan in MA

  38. is this site active

  39. Hi I want to get an update of your Hard Money list nation wide.


  40. Have any for north Carolina

  41. Do you have lenders in Wisconsin?
    Do you allow sellers 2nd’s?

  42. Sure is Monty… hit me w/ your details and we’ll get you on our hard money list.

  43. Hi there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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