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16 Point Real Estate Investor Website Conversion Rate Checklist

There are two core elements to generating qualified leads online for your real estate investing business. Whether you’re a wholesaler, flipper, buy and hold investor / landlord, rent to own, note buyer, even self-storage… the lifeblood of your online lead generation hinge on these 2 elements. Traffic – Getting qualified people to your website Conversion […]

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Expected Vs. Unexpected Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Strategies

Today’s post will show you some unique strategies for Real Estate Investor Lead Generation. As the real estate market gets increasingly competitive, the search for quality inventory becomes tougher every day. If you’re like most of our members, you’d prefer to have your phone ring… you don’t want to cold call people from a list, right? I’ve […]

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7 Ways You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

Trying to grow your real estate business can be a challenge at any stage. We get it. Man oh man, do we get it. One thing that the folks who aren’t succeeding all seem to have in common: they’ve convinced themselves that something is holding them back from success. In most cases, it’s something other than […]

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5 Lead Generation Secrets of PPC that Most Real Estate Investors Don’t Understand

Lead generation is a critical piece of the puzzle for real estate investors who depend upon transactions. Without leads, you can’t do deals. Without deals, you don’t get paid. It’s just that simple. Right now, the competition for leads is heating up in a major way. In most big cities, inventory is getting extremely tight. Big investment […]

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Why You Don’t Want A Google-Centric Approach

SEO for real estate investors can be a great source of leads – but it’s not a goose laying golden eggs. Too many investors are approaching it from the wrong mindset. They’re treating SEO like a magic solution to their marketing problems, and that’s leading them to focus on the wrong things. It’s making them […]

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