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6 Simple Tips To Master Location-Based SEO And Skyrocket To The Top of Search Engine Results

In the early days of the web (the “caveman days” when we were still rubbing two sticks together to make websites out of html) there was a land rush on high level domain names of one or two-words for really general phrases. Things like “” and “” as an example. At the time, targeting search […]

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Negotiation Secrets of Alphonse the Acquisitionist

Click here to read Part 1 of Alphonse the Acquisitionist’s Story. When the bubble burst in 2006 it was one of the most challenging times of Alphonse’s life, he says. But since then, he’s rebounded and started doing deals again. He says his goal this year is to do about 5 deals a month. His […]

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Acquisition Success Stories: Alphonse the Acquisitionist

We’re starting a new series on acquisitions and negotiations to help our loyal readers gain valuable skills to build their investment portfolios by profiling the strategies of successful investors and real estate practitioners. Alphonse Mack has been in Atlanta’s real estate game since 1997, when he started knocking on pre-foreclosure doors. He says that he […]

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Non-Profit Strategy for Investors

This is the 5th post in a series on building your real estate portfolio with an Expert Community Resource strategy –  Here is Part 1. Are you building long-term wealth within your community? Let me tell you how to grow your portfolio by marketing your status as an Expert Community Resource by working with an unexpected […]

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How to use the Least Attempted Real Estate Strategy to Win Every Negotiation

This is Part 3 of a 7 part series designed to help real estate investors grow their acquisition skills to build successful long-term businesses.  Part 1… asks the burning question – are you an Investor or a Stooge? Part 2 focuses on building an investment strategy from a new angle as an Expert Community Resource. […]

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