Private Money Video Tip – Turning “Wannabe” Investors Into Private Lenders

Alright… you’ve seen this scenario if you’ve been around the real estate investing industry for any time at all.

You’re at a local REIA club meeting… and you notice that 7 out of 10 people are just “wanna be” investor and will probably never invest in a real estate deal themselves ever.

Now… what do you do with those people? Do you dismiss them just as “wanna be” investors and write them off?


Do you figure out a way to help them reach their goals in investing by becoming a private lender for you.  Basically, give them a passive way to invest in real estate… while you do the “hard work”.

Well… here’s a question from one of our readers on that exact topic…


Check Out Patricks “Private Money Getting” Video Tip Below

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