My Review Promise To You

If I had a dollar for every crappy product I’ve ever bought, seen, or been given I’d be a rich man. Education is one of the most important elements of being successful in any type of business venture, including real estate. However, if you study the WRONG resources… it can cost you a ton of money… and worse… a ton of time that you can NEVER make up.

What About Free Content?

Yep, there’s a ton of great (and even more not so great) information for free right here on the internet. If you search for long enough you can probably learn what you need to learn to get going without paying a dime. However, at some point you need to start valuing your time the same way you value your money. So, a lot of the time it actually makes more economic sense to purchase the resources you need if it means cutting your learning curve… and enabling you to spend more time on ACTUALLY BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS… rather than endlessly searching the internet.

I Do The Research For You

I got burned more than I can count on mediocre content that I paid for, and I want to help you wade through the stuff online and on TV to help you find the resources that can truly help you achieve success in life and your real estate investing business. Hey, I get my hands on courses, products, bootcamps, (and on and on…) every single month. A lot of the time I pay for them myself… but many times the people with the products will send me the product for free JUST TO REVIEW . And… I kind of piss off some product makers… but I won’t sell out just to make a quick buck. More often than not, I don’t feel comfortable that the product is good enough to pass along to other people. There’s no quicker way to break the trust that I’ve worked so hard to build with my readers (YOU) than to recommend a product that I really know isn’t worth your time and money (like A TON of other sites do at YOUR expense). Anyhow, it’s in my DNA to give you the real deal and I’ll give you the straight truth on what I THINK is good out there, and what I THINK isn’t worth using as a bookend


What I review:

I review things that have anything to do with your success in real estate investing, life, or your business. This includes everything from books, courses, bootcamps, software, services, etc.

What is my scoring criteria?

Really, I hate scores. They’re so objective. What someone else loves and thinks is a huge value… might be crap to me because I know of other resources out there that are better and higher value for the money. So, please take my scoring with a grain of salt… and really look at WHY I scored the product the way I did. But, I really try to score things based on a few very basic ideas. So, here’s my scoring criteria –

  • Is it user friendly? (complete, clear, easy to use, etc.)
  • Is it of high value? (worth your hard earned $ for what you get)
  • Is it actionable? (can you put what is in the product to work immediately to get results?)
  • Is the person/company behind it of high integrity (do they do the RIGHT THING all the time?)

Pretty simple stuff in my eyes… but for some reason some people get a bit greedy and forget to think of each of these elements before they try to hard sell you on buying their product. Would I tell my grandmother to buy it? (self explanatory. If I don’t feel comfortable recommending it to my grandma… it doesn’t pass the test) There are a lot of crap products out there in the real estate investing world… and I see people spending $5,000 on a bootcamp that is complete crap… when there are completely awesome bootcamps (and way cheaper online classes) out there that are 1 BILLION TIMES more actionable and value laden.

My Promise To You

From now on… I’m your advocate for real estate investing stuff. If I haven’t reviewed it shoot me an email about it BEFORE you buy it so I can dig into it and let you know whether it’s a good decision so you DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. My promise is to provide objective, honest, and unbiased reviews so you know what’s worth it and what’s not.