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Landlording and rental property articles

One of the best ways to build up long-term wealth and passive income is by buying and holding rental properties .

While being a "landlord " isn’t a glamorous job… if you run your rental property business correctly, it can be a very rewarding, easy, and profitable way to invest in real estate.  Actually, I got started when I was 21 in real estate investing by buying a 4plex… which I still own today.

In this section you’ll learn about owning rental properties … from the good to the ugly.

You can find free Property Management Forms , tips on increasing your positive cash flow, tips on buying rental properties, selling rental properties, evaluating rental properties… and a ton more.

Browse through some of the resources below to become a better landlord today!

  • Rental Property / Landlord Articles (by actual investors!)

    Several times a month we try to update the site with new articles on owning rental properties and how you can make your rental property business more profitable and efficient for you and your lifestyle.  Check out our latest articles and… if you have anything you can share with our audience… shoot us a message through the contact page… we’d love to post your article!

  • Rental Property / Landlord Articles From Our Blog

    We started the blog on this site almost 2 years ago… and a huge amount of our content is on the blog only.  So, here’s the link to our rental property and landlording related articles and resources for you to enjoy!

  • Property Management Forms

    We’ve compiled a stockpile of forms that you can use in your rental property business… and download for free!  Head on over and find the forms you’re looking for and use them as guides for your own rental business.

  • Property Management Software Reviews

    To date, we’ve reviewed a ton of property management software programs so you can find out what the best program for you is.  There are a lot of options out there and we’re doing all we can do to full in-depth videos and written reviews of property management softwares from around the world.

  • Deal Analyzer Software For Rental Properties

    Analyzing properties can sometimes be a pain.  But… when you have a piece of software that you can use to help you analyze the property before you buy it ever quicker… it makes the whole process much easier and more profitable.  Check out the deal analyzer software we’ve found (that you can download)… and also, join our newsletter for a free copy of the actual rental property analyzer software that I personally use for my own deals.

Here Are Some More Great Landlord Resources To Check Out…

Our site isn’t the only one around with quality info to help you run your rental properties.  Here are some more sites we believe are high quality and packed full of great actionable content.