Free Ebooks

We at the REI Brain have compiled a great source of e-books on everything from real estate investing to life success written by some of the industry’s top experts. Most of these e-books are free for you to download and read as part of your educational experience. These e-books not only focus on different aspects of real estate investing, but on your business, motivation, and other topics related to you succeeding in real estate and/or life.

If you know of any more free e-books that you believe other investors may like to read, please submit them to us.


Life Success

  • Dr. Stephen Cooper – “Mental Clarity”. 2 pages. The author is a motivational expert and writes on how to focus your mind for increased success. Takes a minute to read but worth it. download >> click to download
  • Scott Lamm – Money or Excuses? You Can’t Have Both”. 3 pages. A former student of Rober Allen, Scott has become a huge success and writes this quick article to get you off the couch and onto the road to success. Check it out! download >> click to download
  • Scott Lamm – “Overcoming the Critics”. Scott helps you to overlook when people tell you “can’t do it”. A can do attitude is essential to success! download >> click to download

Business Success

  • Dr. Jeanette Cates – “A Simplified Marketing Plan That Works!”. 3 pages. Quick and concise overview of marketing for any business that will help you gain an edge over your competition!! download >> click to download

Real Estate Investing

  • Trevor Mauch – “5 Steps to Choosing the Right Real Estate Exit Strategy”. 17 pages. Great short and concise ebook that walks you through the 5 proven steps to choosing the right exit strategy. A must for anyone selling appreciated real estate or a business. download >> click to download
  • Peter Conti – “How to Create Multiple Streams of Income”. 289 pages. Excellent e-book. This was actually sold as a print book and converted to an e-book. It is worth reading. Mostly focuses on lease options and wholesaling and how you can add them to your arsenal to make more cash download >> click to download
  • Anesia Springborn – “The Power of Leverage: How to Create Unlimited Wealth Using Little Bits of Money, Cash Flow, and Time”. 31 pages. Good e-book with some useful information. A quick and easy read that could give you some great money making ideas!! download >> click to download
  • Dan Auito – “Magic Bullets: Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Real Estate to Your Best Advantage”. 270 pages. A great e-book that covers many different areas of real estate investing. This e-book is an excellent resource that will help give you a jumpstart! download >> click to download
  • Greg Winfield – “Owner Financing: The Key to Selling Your Home Fast in Good or Bad Markets”. Interactive e-book. Gives good information on owner carry deals. Not too in-depth, but once again, definetely worth a read. download >> click to download
  • Barry J. Grimes – “Real Estate Jobbing 101: How to Create Extra Income in Your Spare Time with Zero Money, Zero Credit, Zero Risk”. 119 pages. Excellent e-book that trains you how to be a bird dog and make money in your spare time. Is a great read for any real estate investor download >> click to download
  • Darius Barazandeh – “Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing: The Fundamental Approach”. 20 pages. Quick easy guide to tax lien investing. The author is an attorney and knows his stuff. download >> click to download
  • Steven E. Waters – “What Are Tax Lien Certificates?” 2 pages. Very short overview of tax lien certificates and how you can use them. download >> click to download
  • Bill Gatten – “How to Pick Up Pre-Foreclosures in Good Neighborhoods Without Cash, Credit, or a Bullet-Proof Vest”. 44 pages. Rather in-depth review of buying pre-foreclosures. He show you the process from research to buying to selling. Great information worth reading. download >> click to download ©North American Reality Services, Inc. 2001-2007 – Download available here by permission of author.
  • Joe Kaiser – “Negotiate Pre-Foreclosures Like a Swat Team Leader”. 39 pages. Joe Kaiser is an expert in the art of negotiation. If you are lacking confidence in your negotiation skills, read this e-book. Negotiation make or break you in rei. download >> click to download