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Why Hire a Professional Locksmith

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Locksmiths

When it comes to your own security or that of your tenants, professional locksmiths are worth their weight in gold.

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Budget Tips for Landlords

Avoid Financial Surprises as a New Landlord

Be aware of all the small “hidden’ costs of running your business. If you’re not building these costs into your rental price, you’ll lose money very quickly.

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How to win long-term tenants

Easy Action Steps to Win Long-Term Tenants

Happy tenants often mean long-term tenants. Follow these action steps to fill your properties with long-term tenants.

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Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Real Estate Business

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Starting Your Real Estate Investing Business

The most successful investors have a plan of action prior to handing over any money.

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Investment Property Alternatives

Investment Property Alternatives to Landlording

Robert Kiyosaki says, “If you want to be rich, simply spend your life buying assets. If you want to be poor or middle class, spend your life buying liabilities.” With a few notable exceptions in the history of the world, real estate is an asset that rises in value over time. Cars, clothes, toys — […]

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