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Why SEO For Real Estate Investors Matters: 91.5% of Clicks Come from Page 1

This week’s post highlights a very simple but important concept: Real estate investors who want leads from their marketing website had better make sure that they are on Page 1 of a search that actual people are searching. And that enough people are searching that it will matter. So if you’re ranking in the top 5 […]

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How to Tell if You’re Wasting Lots of Money on Marketing

A short quiz:  Are you getting emails every day from people who want you to buy their property at a sharp discount?  Are investors offering to give you their cash for mutual profit?  Are motivated buyers paying full price for what you’re selling?  Is your website making you money or just another expense? If your […]

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This one simple change improved Motivated Seller site conversions by 29.55% overnight

Today we’ll be sharing one change that made a huge difference – just this little fix almost doubled conversions on the site where we tested it. As you know, InvestorCarrot is totally customizable – so we get lots of variations throughout the system with our customers. We love to test these variations to find out […]

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The cheapest way to market property online is a goldmine

Does your phone have a video camera? For most tech-savvy investors, the answer is yes. So why aren’t they using the tool they already have to help them make money? It could be that they’re scared. Or busy. Or they’re making too much money and they don’t feel the need to bother making any changes. […]

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Are You Still Struggling To Close Your First Deal?

Follow these expert tips for making your business successful.

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