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16 Point Real Estate Investor Website Conversion Rate Checklist

There are two core elements to generating qualified leads online for your real estate investing business. Whether you’re a wholesaler, flipper, buy and hold investor / landlord, rent to own, note buyer, even self-storage… the lifeblood of your online lead generation hinge on these 2 elements. Traffic – Getting qualified people to your website Conversion […]

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Are There Less Real Estate Investor Leads In Holiday Months Than Summer Months? (Stats Inside…)

We’ve been watching this trend over the past year and have been monitoring search levels on many of the top motivated seller, cash buyer, private lender, and tenant search phrases out there. Now… each type of searcher came up with slightly different seasonal search patterns…. so in this post we’ll run through some of what we […]

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google +1 matter for seo rankings for real estate investors

The Surprising Correlation Between Google +1’s And Your Real Estate Investor Website Ranking

Now more and more getting those high rankings in Google for top search phrases as a real estate investor (wholesaler, flipper, rental property owner, note buyer/seller, turn key investment property seller, etc.) can be a HUGE reward… but it isn’t like it used to be to get your real estate investing company’s website ranked high. […]

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Ninja Tricks for Real Estate Marketing: Conversions, Heroes, and Sliders

Conversion is the key to online lead generation. The whole point of your real estate website marketing is to get a lead, right? 🙂 This post will show you the secret of conversions. If you understand conversion, you know how to make a sale. You “convert” a person from a visitor to your website into a […]

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Real Estate Marketing: How to Create Custom Reports for Lead Generation

Real estate marketing: should it be based on data or stories? The answer: Both. Reports are a great example. A good report is full of credible data, but it also tells a story. A great report builds credibility that helps you get better results in your future negotiations. So how do you use data to […]

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