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Negotiation Secrets of Alphonse the Acquisitionist

Click here to read Part 1 of Alphonse the Acquisitionist’s Story. When the bubble burst in 2006 it was one of the most challenging times of Alphonse’s life, he says. But since then, he’s rebounded and started doing deals again. He says his goal this year is to do about 5 deals a month. His […]

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How Empathy Will Help You Win at Negotiations

This is the 4th post in a series on negotiations with an Expert Community Resource strategy – Here is Part 1. If you’re a long-term investor, you’re probably pretty comfortable. Your bills are paid, and you’re focused on completing your plan for wealth. Do you know how it feels to be desperate? Can you imagine […]

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The Most Underutilized Negotiation Strategy Might be the Best

There’s an old saying in poker that if you don’t recognize the stooge at the table, you’re the stooge. Too many investors – especially when they’re first starting out – are really just falling into the same trap. Are you an investor or a stooge? Investors are making serious money off of strategic assets. A […]

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9 Key Steps to Developing Trust as a Newbie Investor

I’m just a rookie. This is my first time. Why would someone give me money? The first time is always the most difficult, right? It doesn’t have to be. At the REIBrain, we get a lot by nervous first-timers with this question. So here’s 9 key steps to developing relationships with investors when you’re new to […]

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What’s the best way to generate buyer leads?

There’s a lot of great ways to market properties. You see real estate agents trying all kinds of crap to sell houses, and most of it is pretty dumb. Honestly, who’s gonna buy a house because they got a paper clip shaped like a house in the mail? At least they’re trying. The only sure […]

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