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Acquisitions and Negotiations with Richard Montaño, CEO of LIV Capital Group

Acquisitions and Negotiations are tough for a lot of investors, especially those just starting off or looking to grow their business. Recently I got the chance to talk strategy with Richard Montaño, CEO of LIV Capital Group. LIV was founded in 2009 and has managed over $100 million in real estate investments in just a […]

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Insanely good tips for generating international investment

Inman News just published a video from Real Estate Connect New York City with a panel of experts on international real estate investment and sales. It may not sound like what you’re used to hearing here… international investment? Why does this matter to me? Foreign money is nothing new for the American real estate market, […]

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How to present a lowball offer to a seller (and get it accepted)

So you want a deal, huh? Good. That’s the secret to investing: money is made when you buy, not when you sell. If you buy below the price the market is paying, you’ll always have equity. You always have some wiggle room. If the market starts to drop, you can exit fast (assuming that you’re […]

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May 2008 Real Estate Market Statistics and Indicators – Local

Okay, time for a Housing Statistic and Indicator report for May 2008. As always, this information is from our friends at John Burns Real Estate Consulting who specialize in providing top notch research consulting for some of America’s largest home builders and developers. Here we go… "Affordability Has Improved Dramatically" "Housing affordability has improved dramatically […]

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What are Real Estate Market Indicators and How Do You Use Them?

When professional real estate investors make a move they do it based on how they predict the market is going. True investors don’t just make an investment or enter a new area on a hunch… they do it because they see strong indicators for future growth based on hard facts and history. If you are […]

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