The Most Underutilized Negotiation Strategy Might be the Best

There’s an old saying in poker that if you don’t recognize the stooge at the table, you’re the stooge.

Too many investors – especially when they’re first starting out – are really just falling into the same trap.

Are you an investor or a stooge?

Investors are making serious money off of strategic assets.

A stooge is someone “who serves merely to support others” and “moves around aimlessly; drifting or cruising”.

Stooges are not making money.


They thought they were starting a legitimate investment business, but they can’t close any deals. They get some leads, but they can’t convert them into actual transactions. In fact, they’re actually helping their competition – but they don’t even know it.

Serious investment involves a strategy.

Too few people really know how to create an actual strategy. They’re really just floating all over the place, trying this thing here, moving to that thing there… not fully implementing anything.

One strategy requires many actions, but…

Many actions do not make a strategy.

So many people confuse the word “strategy” with the word “action”. They think that posting an ad in the paper is a “strategy” that they’re using, not realizing that one ad is just a tiny piece of the puzzle… and not something that will create success for your business.

You don’t need to understand military strategy, business strategy, or even the nuances of real estate financing, but…

Every successful investor has a plan.

Some of the best plans aren’t even written down. They’re simple. But they work. And that requires focus and dedication. It takes a lot of courage to pick a niche and specialize.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wholesaling, flipping, or holding long-term. You need to know how each action you take fits within your overall strategy. You need to know that your strategy will ultimately succeed.


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