What’s the best way to generate buyer leads?

There’s a lot of great ways to market properties. You see real estate agents trying all kinds of crap to sell houses, and most of it is pretty dumb. Honestly, who’s gonna buy a house because they got a paper clip shaped like a house in the mail?

At least they’re trying. The only sure way not to sell something is not to try. Whatever you do, keep pushing your properties. Try new methods. When the phone rings, ask people how they found you.

But you wanna know the best way to generate leads, not the worst.

You don’t want to hear what I’m going to tell you about the best way to generate leads, because it’s hard. It’s not easy, or everyone would do it.

Want to know the best way to generate buyer leads?

It’s good writing.

You don’t believe me, do you?

Cause writing is what some lady was nattering on about in school, right?

It’s what losers do in coffee shops, while winners are out there making money, right?

Wrong, sucker!

Writing is a way to think. It’s organized thoughts, developed to maximize meaning and put down in symbols. It’s deep – but it is best when it is simple.

Think about what writing can do. Let’s do a simple exercise.

Put these documents in order of importance to you:

Declaration of Independence.
The Bible.
The Ad That Gets the Most Calls on Your Property.

Do the words in those documents matter?

You bet.

Does it matter which order you choose?

No, but it sure says a lot about you as a person.

Back to the point – when you really start to pay attention to the power of the written word, you learn that certain words inspire actions. They get people to get up out of their chairs and start revolutions.

Lucky you don’t need to start a revolution. All you need to do is get buyers to pick up the phone.

So write great ads!

With great software like Carrot and free sites like Craigslist, you can pick up a ton of leads.

Most investors won’t bother to do this, because it’s harder to spend the time writing a great ad. It requires that you think through the property and describe its best features without overselling the benefits.

You have to use only a few words, because most buyers won’t read huge blocks of text. You can’t use discriminatory language or violate the law. You have to make the deal sound great from the buyer side, and not just a way for you to unload a property at top price.

That’s not as easy as it sounds, or more people would do it. Less than 5% of real estate ads are even close to good writing. Most of them are awful.

Don’t ever put up a crappy ad again.

Clear out the clutter and put your best foot forward.

Writing is about clear thinking.

You want to clear your mind?

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