google +1 matter for seo rankings for real estate investors

The Surprising Correlation Between Google +1’s And Your Real Estate Investor Website Ranking

Now more and more getting those high rankings in Google for top search phrases as a real estate investor (wholesaler, flipper, rental property owner, note buyer/seller, turn key investment property seller, etc.) can be a HUGE reward… but it isn’t like it used to be to get your real estate investing company’s website ranked high. […]

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What Is A Good Conversion Rate For A Real Estate Investors Website?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “conversion rate” tossed around quite a bit over the last year or two. And that can be a great thing… or a bad thing. Great… if the information the person or website is telling you is accurate… not so great if it’s inaccurate and you follow their advice blindly without […]

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Inbound Marketing Can Produce High ROI

How to generate leads for real estate

As a real estate investor you know that generating leads are the life blood of your business. Without leads, it can be stressful finding where your next deal is going to come from. The traditional way of how to generate leads for real estate is taking out classified ads in papers, direct mail, and networking. […]

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Time. It’s Not What You Think.

I’m about to get philosophical on ya. Do you ever feel like time isn’t on your side? Like you never seem to have enough of it. Too much of it gets spent on things not worthy of the most valuable currency we have. And it seems like you’re rushing around trying to be on time, lend others […]

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Expected Vs. Unexpected Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Strategies

Today’s post will show you some unique strategies for Real Estate Investor Lead Generation. As the real estate market gets increasingly competitive, the search for quality inventory becomes tougher every day. If you’re like most of our members, you’d prefer to have your phone ring… you don’t want to cold call people from a list, right? I’ve […]

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