7 Youtube SEO Optimization Tips For Real Estate Investors & Agents

Do you see your competition ranking their Youtube videos at the top of Google for the search terms you want to rank for? Like This?… In this post we’ll show you some Youtube SEO optimization tips that you can implement in your real estate investing or agent companies. The short-term things are actions you can […]

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The Content Marketing Pyramid For Real Estate: More Results With Less Work

Content marketing has been around as long as marketing has been around. And that’s a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time. In fact, back before the internet, TV, radio, telephone, newspapers, and the USPS… content marketing was about all there was to sell your wares. You had some chickens, you were there in the market talking up why your […]

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why productivity hacks don

Why Productivity Hacks Don’t Work (podcast episode)

Ever get to the end of the day or the end of the week and feel wiped out and like you didn’t get anything important done? Ya, we all do. A few years back I was in a major funk and had more days like that than days that felt “productive”. So I was on a […]

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motivated house seller searches online 2015

Behind The Data: Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Ramp Up Your Online Motivated Seller Leads

Just like with farming, seasons matter in business. If you own a ski resort… seasons matter big time. If you are a landscaper… seasons matter. And if you are a real estate investor or agent… seasons matter. A few months back I wrote a blog post about the seasonality of real estate investor leads and […]

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On Page SEO: The 12 Key Steps To Optimize Your Real Estate Investor Web Pages

The most common “starter” questions we get from real estate investors about on-page SEO is… “what meta keywords should I use?” and “how many times should I use my keyword in each page?“. 5 or 6 years ago “meta tags” and “meta keywords” were all the rage. You’d cram your meta keywords section with 20 […]

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