Nathan Jurewicz Review – Short Sale Riches Course In-depth Review

**UPDATE: Since we originally did this review the Short Sales Riches System was massively upgraded and the price increased to $997.  We did look at the upgrades and feel the upgrades more than warrant the price increase… in fact, the program is a more complete program as a result.  The cool thing is… the $102 off coupon still works… get it below.

Okay, for quite a while now I’ve had readers emailing me asking to review the Short Sale Riches program by Nathan Jurewicz .

Here’s the deal… I’ve been hammered lately with review requests (no wonder… I’ve seen so many damn crappy products come through lately) that I’m trying to catch up and get good, honest reviews out to you so you can make a well informed decision to invest or not invest in a particular real estate investing education product.

First, off… I found this fancy coupon code the other day for $102 off of Nathan Jurewicz’s Short Sale Riches program… and I don’t think it’s supposed to be published online so if you want the coupon code email me through the contact form and I’ll shoot it over to you so you don’t have to pay $100 bucks more than you should.  Sound good?

Alrighty… on with the review of the Short Sale Riches Program…

Short Sales Riches Program (the Short Sale Kid)

This short sale program is one that kind of jumped on the market a couple months back out of nowhere.  short sales riches And, funny thing is… but the guy that created the course (Nathan Jurewicz ) actually is a student with Josh Cantwell and the Short Sale Blueprint guys who also launched a program a couple months back (which is a very good program compared to what I’ve seen out there on short sales).

Actually, there are two guys who made the Short Sales Riches course… one is a real estate attorney and realtor… the other is a kid who figured out a short sale system, learned from other investors, and started kicking ass.

Before I wrote the review I wanted to get my hands on the full course and talk with the guys behind the course (which I paid $497 for… I didn’t have the darn $100 off coupon back then :-).

It’s when you actually talk to someone outside of webinars and teleseminars when you can really see if someone is legit or just faking it.

Nathan has taken what he’s learned and over the past several years built up a huge short sale business that does 20-30 closings a MONTH .  This is no kidding… 20 – 30 a month… and I did do all I could to verify that these numbers are real… and from what I can see everything is legit as heck.  I even got the property addresses for a ton of deals they’ve done in the last month and they all check out at the county courthouse there in Tampa.

So… he passes the “is he an actual investortest … yep he does deals and does quite a bit of them every month.

About the Short Sale Riches Course… the Review

I actually bought Nathan’s course a month or so back and went through it all in one weekend.  It’s broken down very good and he doesn’t throw a ton of extra stuff at you that you don’t need like some of those other “gurus” do.

The thing that’s different about this course than the others I’ve seen is that Nathan has created a true system that has a team of people around him basically finding, negotiating, and selling the deals for him.  It’s pretty darn cool how he breaks it down in the manuals, audios, and the forms.

Their HUD Generator is pretty cool too and it makes things way quicker too.

Anyhow, the Short Sale Riches program is a home study course and when I bought it it ran $497… and it’s truly worth well over 15-20 times that just in the forms he gives you and how he breaks it down how he’s developed a system to actually work with realtors and motivate them to work with you rather than having it feel like pulling teeth to work with realtors.

What Nathan Jurewicz Short Sale Riches Course Is and Isn’t…

First of all… if you’re starting from the ground floor and have never heard the word “short sale” before… you may want to do a bit of foundational studying on the topic first.  The Short Sale Riches system does go over some of the basics… but it’s really made for someone who already has an understanding of short sales and who wants to systematize their business a lot better and to avoid a lot of the mistakes investors are currently making doing short sales.

Since the course was put out a few months ago there have been a few changes in the laws that affect short sales… but Nathan has been good to address these changes in free webinars over the months so we can keep up to date on the changes.

What It IS:

  • A very detailed 254 page (plus the few hours of audios and the forms) course that lays out the “high volume” system that Nathan uses for his short sale biz
  • Goes over the option contract in detail (about 10 pages) and gives you Nathan’s option contract
  • About 51 pages of just going through the short sale process from talking to the seller, what to say, what do to… etc… to talking to the bank, structuring your offer (with templates and tools), what to do to sway the BPO, what do to do get an offer accepted, etc.  Basically… it’s the most detailed process of a short sale that I’ve seen and it goes into the “tricks” and templates that Nathan uses to get the short sale accepted… which is a big problem for most investors (most investors can’t get short sales accepted at .40 or .50 on the dollar… Nathan does).
  • A system that shows you how to harness the power of realtors to generate your leads for you … and you don’t have to pay them unless a deal closes (Nathan spends nothing on marketing anymore… the system shows how he does it)
  • Has a section that goes into very deep detail what each step to doing a short sale is (about 28 steps)
  • All in all… this is a detailed process and system for doing short sales under Nathan’s system.

What It Isn’t:

I would say that the Short Sale Riches course definitely isn’t for everyone… if you’re a newbie and have never done a real estate deal ever… this may not be your cup of tea because it’s so advanced in many aspects of the course.

It isn’t…

  • A pick it up and set and forget system you don’t have to ever touch… it’s a good bit of upfront work to set up Nathan’s system… but once it’s up and rolling you will hardly ever have to touch a transaction ever… seriously.
  • A “step one… step two” guide .  Essentially… this doesn’t say “first do this… then do this”.  It does in a round about way… but it assumes that you have a base knowledge of short sales first.  It’s very detailed and definitely written by an experienced investor… so some parts aren’t “dumbed down” enough in my opinion… but if you’re sharp you’ll get it just fine.
  • A “touchie feely” kind of rah-rah course. A lot of courses have a lot of rah-rah stuff and personal growth type stuff which I tend to like (the personal growth… not the rah-rah)… Short Sale Riches doesn’t have any of that… it’s just conversational writing that goes in-depth on Nathan’s system.

My Summary Of Nathan Jurewicz Short Sale Riches Review

Okay… if I had to rate the Short Sale Riches course I’d probably give it a solid 4.5 to 4.7 out of 5 points.

I’ve never rated any info product a perfect 5… mainly because a perfect product would do the work for you… right?? (just kidding ;-)… but the Short Sale Riches course is among the most well put together courses on short sales I’ve seen at a pricepoint that works.

I’ve gone through a bunch of short sale courses in the last 6 months and to me I really jived with this one well and enjoyed the fact that it doens’t have 100 pages going into the basic stuff… most of it is a bit more advanced stuff that you’ll only really relate to once you start doing deals… but he does spend about 20 pages on “basic stuff” to lay the foundation.

If I had to compare Nathan’s Short Sale Riches course with other short sale courses out there… I’d say that personally I really like what the Strategic Real Estate Coach guys put together… but the thing is that their program is $197 a month rather than an upfront $497.  So… for home study courses go if I had to recommend one to a friend it would be Nathan Jurewicz’s course.

One thing I didn’t like about the course was at the end of the audios (just a very short clip) they advertise Nathan’s coaching program… which I hear is very good… but I personally don’t like getting pitched to buy a big dollar coaching program when I’m still going through the course I just bought from them.

But… if you can get past that then the course is rock solid in my opinion .

So… if I were someone who was already doing short sales and wanted to do MORE SHORT SALES by systematizing the process… and by getting more short sales accepted w/ Nathan’s tricks… I would say that the $497 for the course is pretty cheap.

If I were a brand new investor still looking for my “path in real estate” … I’d probably hold off on the course for now… read some more articles and at least check out the free workshop that Nathan did for our subscribers.  Then, if you’re committed to making short sales work in your biz Nathan Jurewicz course may be a way to go.

Is $497 cheap??  Nope… it’s not cheap by any means… but it’s a fraction of the price of other courses I’ve gone through that taught less actionable content.  So, for someone who plans on learning… and putting to action relentlessley whey they learn from this course that $497 (actually $397 w/ the $100 coupon code you can get if you email me) is well invested.

Just FYI, here’s the link to see what’s included in Nathan’s course again:

>> Direct Link To Nathan’s Site <<

If You’re Going To Get Nathan’s Course…

Really, I don’t care one bit if you get this course or not… is it good?  I think so.

Is it worth the investment?  That’s for you to decide based on whether or not you think you’ll implement it… because I feel that if you implement what the course teaches it’s well worth the investment (many times over).

But… again… it’s up to you and what you do is what you do.

If you are going to pick up the course… I do know that they have the standard 30 day money back guarantee… so if it doesn’t do what they (and I) say it will do just return it and get your money back.

So… either way… here’s the link to pick it up… and if you want that $100 off coupon email me through the contact form and I’ll shoot it your way… sound good?

>> The Link To Pick It Up <<

Some Free Short Sales Riches Stuff

Like always, Nathan and his partner give away some great free information… and their newsletter is one of Nathan Jurewicz the top 5 most informative newsletters (free too) with current market info that affects real estate… so it’s worth it to just get on their newsletter list even if you’re not in the market to buy their course.

Nathan also put out a couple great videos that show an inside look at his business… and I personally know a couple people who are friends with Nathan and they vouch that he’s the real deal.

Just check out these two videos then head over and check out Nathan’s site and course if you’re in the market for a no nonsense, thorough short sale system (truly a system) for a great price.

Short Sales Riches Video #1: Nathan closes deals right in front of you <<< Click here to check out the site

Short Sale Riches Video #2: Nathan puts a skeptic in his place

Case Study 2 with Nathan Jurewicz from Nathan Jurewicz on Vimeo.

. <<< Click here to check out the site


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